Thoughtless Thursday


{1} We went over to our friend's Blake & Karen's on Saturday night for an impromptu dinner & games night. One of their dogs Izzy who is a Chihuahua Miniature Pincer cross decided she would sort of play with Cruz so Cruz was ALL over it.

 Then they zonked!

We played this new game called Super Tock. It is sort of like "Trouble" with out the popper thing in the middle, but then you can play teams...super fun. I think the girls won most of the games...maybe not but that's what I think...I've been mistaken once or twice before though....

 {2} Happy Birthday Nana! I wish we could bring you a cake but a 'different' liquid will have to do today! XOXO

{3} WE think (some may disagree) that we have THE smartest dog around.
One of her favorite toys is her disc. The other night Justin and I were on the couch and we were telling her to "go find your disc, where is your disc". She proceeded to race around the main floor looking. When she found nothing, we told her to "go look upstairs, find you disc upstairs".
What does she do? Race up stairs, run around and then raced back down with her disc!
We figure we make pretty smart kids! :)

That's all I got! Happy Thursday!


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Caroline said...

the pups are so cute. Never heard of that game. Sounds fun!

Logan and Kiddies said...

I love it!! Those dogs.........too cute curled up together!!

Birthday wishes to your Nana/my Aunty Rene!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Whooo whoo smart dogs! That's really good gotta love labs! How friggin cute is that puppy play date! Omg I wish our dogs would snuggle like that.

Georgia said...

arg that dog is a mix of my two fav breeds. Lush!!


Jenni said...

GREAT puppy pictures!!! :)

Leigh said...

As always, love the pictures of Cruz! Makes me want a puppy even more!

Jessica said...

I could have sworn that was a rabbit in the third picture! So adorable.

Katie said...

omg. cutest. photos. ever. especially the ones of the two pups together. i can barely stand it! and koda does the same thing! sounds like we BOTH have smart dogs. we tell koda "find your ball. where's your ball?" and he'll race ALL over the house until he finds it. i think it's the type of dog ... ;)

thanks for playing!!!