Thoughtless Thursday: Thanksgiving at the lake


Amazing. The weather was beautiful.

"Dad can you please find my ball. It sunk."

This was at 7:30am when Cruz needed out.

Justin got up with her at 8:15am.
They had a photo shoot together. :)
I love them.

This is my favorite.
I love this sweet girl.

(The next morning at the same time when I let Cruz out, she proceeded to chase the geese that were in the water out front. YES. That means that at 7:32am I was drying her off because I wanted more sleep. That was not in Cruz's game plan.)
My 2 favorite dogs.


At one of my most favorite places.

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Caroline said...

Beautiful pictures!!! Looks like an awesome day!

amy (metz) walker said...

I need to come live with you!!! That looked absolutely gorgeous and I love, love, love the pictures you took. Especially the one of Justin & Cruz sitting on the front porch together! Definite framer. I could take about a million pictures of our pups and never get tired of it!

Quick question: what photo editor do you use?

Jessica said...

Aww, your pup is adorable!

Leigh said...

Such pretty pictures!! And your dog is adorable as ever :)

Mrs. S said...

your pup is soo cute!
thanks for stopping by my blog!

Mom said...

LOVE the photos....good work Justin!! I agree with Amy. My fav. is the one of Justin and Cruz on the deck :)

La Tache said...

GREAT Pictures!!

Ms. J said...

Awesome pics! Such sweet puppies :)

Jenni said...

Oooooh these pictures are fabulous!!! LOVE the ones of your dog on the deck. :) Always happy to find another blogger as crazy about their dog(s) as I am about mine!! Hee hee!! And you and your husband are ADORABLE!!

Looking forward to following you, pretty girl! :)

monica said...

how cute is your doggie!!!! great pics!