Thoughtless Thursday: Engagement Photos

 Linking up with the wonderful Katie for Thoughtless Thursday today:

 Today I decided I would share some of our Engagement Shoot photos.
We won the session with these 2 super creative, edgy photographer Erin & Chad from a contest they had on their blog. Fuller Edge.
It seems like ages ago. But we had tons of fun and really loved some of the photos.
Take a peak!

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Annie said...

LOVE all the photos!! you two are such a cute couple!! and you look so happy in all the pictures! for the pics being taken ages ago you don't look much different, which of course, is a good thing! ;)

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Love the photos! How exciting to win a session that's perfect! Saves $$!

Caroline said...

Love your engagement photos! New follower.

Simply Smithwick

Smiling is Good for your Teeth said...

oh wow! these are gorgeous!

Ms. J said...

Those are great!! Love them!

Café Moka said...

Great pictures!!! wow!

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