Fun Fridays: Ryan


For Fun Fridays I am going to chat about a little man.

While Jeff was at college in Geneseo he made a lot of new friends, played a lot of hockey, drank a lot of beer, wrote a lot of papers, had a lot of fun, took a lot of exams AND won the heart of one special little boy.

In turn, that little boy won the heart of Jeff and his entire family.
That little boy is Ryan. 
(And he's not so little anymore!)
Why he chose to love #2, no one knows.
Maybe he knew that Jeff would be a great "big brother".
Maybe he saw the huge heart #2 had. 
Who knows.
But he chose #2, Jeff, and we are so glad. 

Over the years not only did we look forward to seeing Jeff on our yearly trips to NY, we looked forward to seeing Ryan and his family as well.
Ryan was just 5 when we first met him. A shy little cutie with a head full of beautiful red hair. He would go downstairs after each game to see Jeff in the hallway. 
Not say much but smile sweetly in admiration.

Over the years the shyness faded and during Jeff's final year in Geneseo our buddy Ryan would come up and sit with us and chat away. 
A college staff member organized to have a small jersey made for Ryan with the #2 on it just like Jeff's.
He was #2's biggest fan.
We just love him.
It broke our hearts to say good-bye.

He is now a much taller 8 year old in the third grade.
A super star on the ice and a darn good little soccer player.
I'm pretty sure he's going to be fighting off the girls in a few short years to come.
He'll have to call Jeff for some tips. He was quite the chick magnet in his day!

Jeff went to see Ryan this summer while he was in NY visiting Jolie. 
They went to a "fun world" and played games together.
I thank Ryan for choosing #2 because we loved having him part of of our cheering squad for 3 years. 

I also think he did a great job choosing #2 because I am pretty sure not all college hockey players would take the time to come meet their littlest fan after each game, surprise them with the opportunity to go skate with the team after a game and go for a visit the summer after graduating. 
I think Ryan knew what a special guy Jeff is and that #2 would take the time.

Ryan how do you feel about possibly moving? We may need you in the stands again this year!

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Jessica said...

That was such a sweet story! He's a cutie.

Caitrin said...

Hi there! I am a new follower stopping over from Fun Fridays! What a cute story about Ryan- hope you guys have a great weekend!

Ellen said...

You're right he is going to be a heart breaker! This little story has bought a smile to my face, I love reading cute little things like this. I am really enjoying your blog :) you've got yourself a new follower.. :D


Caroline said...

This is such a sweet post! Ryan is a cutie!!

Jen said...

What a sweet story :)

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

That is so sweet!!!

Jess said...

Great post Alison! We just love it. You are right, Ryan did a great job picking #2. Jeff was just AMAZING to Ryan and continues to be. Your whole family has been great to Ryan, you are all true blessings in his life.