Miscellany Monday


I love fall. Especially when we have beautiful days like this past Saturday and this afternoon. Perfection.
Although it was rainy this morning the leaves look beautiful and it smells like fall
Note to self: Do your hair after you walk Cruz on rainy mornings. Because it is really annoying to curl your hair one handed only for it to be ruined by the rain. Grrr.

Here's hoping we have beautiful weather at the lake next weekend for Thanksgiving.

Just got this picture from Crystal and I like it.
My BIL, SIL (Emerson in belly!) and us. It was Crystal's birthday.

 On Friday I got a package from these beautiful kids:
(with their awesome Mom's help of course!)

They sent me some beautiful artwork and crafts that now adorns our fridge and some band-aids for my thumb. So sweet. Totally brightened my day.
And then Mayela called me on Saturday too (Avah decided she was too cool to chat).
She wanted me to know that the Spider-man band-aid was for Uncle Justin not me.  
She says the funniest things, she truly believes she is in high school not kindergarten!

Cruzie went to the lake this past weekend with my Mom and Dad as we had a wedding reception/party Saturday night for friends who eloped. 
We missed her so much. Our house is just not the same without her. I know she had a blast though because she was one tired puppy last night. She kept looking at us and her kennel like "aren't you putting me to bed yet?!"

Few pics from the reception. Apparently I didn't take any AT the reception, only in our hotel room. 1 hand = champagne/wine holder I guess! Luckily I stole some from Blake's sister!
 J & I
Blake & Karen
The AJBK Team
Please notice the guys hand placements.
On their wives leg and each others. Boys.

Fun night 
The Bride

Justin worked for many MANY hours this weekend on the garage.
He completely finished all the shingles! What a guy!
It looks fantastic. His poor lower back and calves are killing him though! Thanks babe!
And thank you to Blake for your help Saturday am.

Not everyone can look this good in a tool belt!

I love Prune yogurt by Activia. I now it doesn't sound great but trust me on this one: it's delicious. Add a little Vector cereal. Yum.
Thank you Gran for introducing me to my new fav breaky!

I am getting frustrated with not being allowed to workout at all. It's one of those things I have learned that you don't know how much you need it and want it until someone tells you can't do it. Not that I really 'feel' like doing a hard workout, I know it would bother my hand immensely but I can still hear my basement gym calling my name. As is my new Jillian DVD. Pout.
I see my OT Erin today and I hope she gives me the thumbs up (no pun intended) to do something before I turn into the Michelin Man.

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Dani @ OK, Dani said...

Just found your blog today!
(via synfully delicious)
Lovin it so far :)


Logan said...

You will never become the michelin man, nope not happening. I love how you hide cast in most of the pictures!

Leigh said...

Love the dress that you wore to the reception...so pretty!

Do you like running? Or is that out of the question as well?

Jen said...

Hey I tagged you in a fun little game on my blog if you feel like playing :)

Rachel and John said...

You really pull off the arm brace/fancy dress thing. Not everyone could do that!