The Justin

I got thinking...this blog really wouldn't be here is it wasn't for Justin. 
He started it up after we had a wedding blog to keep our out of town family in touch and to share photos with friends and family.
But lately you readers have been stuck with me and hearing all about me and my view on things so I thought I'd share a little about the man behind the blog.

  • Justin's passion is mountain biking. He loves his bike. Cruz is named after his bike which is a Santa Cruz. He has put more money into that bike then I'd like to think about.
  • He is a handy-man. Hence the garage. If he doesn't know how to do something, he'll teach himself how.
  • He can sleep anywhere.
  • He is a structural drafter for an Engineering company. 
  • He is stubborn as a mule.
  • He loves wine gums, tacos, beer and chocolate milk and could eat his Mom's Chicken Casserole and Pistachio cake e.v.e.r.y day. 
  • I met him through a friend who worked with him. Before I knew him I refereed to him as Justin Timberland whenever she would talk about him.
  • He loves Megan Fox and Marisa Miller.
  • I knew he was the one when he came to a "Wiggles" concert with me and a little guy with autism.

  • If his entire wardrobe was Oakley he'd be happy man. 
  • He loves comics. And has a huge collection of them. Sorry babe. Had to say it.

  • He grew up with 3 women. His Mom, sister and Grandma.
  • His idols are his late Uncle Keith and Lance Armstrong.  He is proud supporter of the yellow band.
  • He reads magazines not books. I think the only books he has read are Lance Armstrong's biographies. 
  • He likes ordinary food, nothing new. He would be completely content if I sent him with PB & J everyday for lunch and made tacos for dinner every night. Oh and there is chocolate milk in the fridge. And wine gums in the cupboard.
  • Did I mention he is stubborn.
  • He has extra tickly feet.
  • He likes my hair better blond than brown. Because he met me when I was blond.
  • He is obsessed with sports which means he fits in perfectly with my Dad and brother.
  • He is a complete mush ball with Cruz. He didn't grow up with a dog but fell in love with Ripken over the years and he knew marrying me meant there would be a dog in the house. He would do anything for Cruz and babies her like there is no tomorrow. But he also very firm with her for teaching purposes and has taught her all the tricks she knows. He also doesn't let other dogs one up her, we met a lab puppy that could do a trick she can't and he spends time everyday trying to get her to master it. :)
  • He says he is not quite ready to have kids, but I know he will make an amazing Dad.

  • He going through periods where he plays video games non-stop and then doesn't play for months. I prefer the later.
  • He makes me laugh on a daily basis and loves me unconditionally and I am so thankful for that. I think he's pretty great. 

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Caroline said...

Such a sweet post to your hubby!!! Sounds like you guys make the perfect couple!

Rachel and John said...

Aw cute! Sounds like you are a good pair :)

Michelle said...

I love this. :)

Jessica said...

He seems like a great guy, thanks for sharing!

Leigh said...

Such a cute post! Your husband sounds like a fantastic guy :)

Mine just got into's an expensive hobby!