Fun Fridays: Halloween

This weekend I am excited about Halloween!
Our friends Dustin and Whitney are having a party again this year and since they moved way way way across town we are making it a slumber party! 
Cruzie is excited too. Last year I made these:

Not sure what I will make this year...not feeling as creative but I must think of something. 
I really want to make a candy corn wreath like my bloggy friend Leigh
I may have to go into production on Saturday...glue gun watch out!

Anyways -  I hope everyone has a spooktacular (cheesy I know) Halloween!

 we heart it

 P.S. My onesie from LOL Designs came last night. 
It is for Emerson for Christmas. 
Crystal and Emerson close your eyes. I just have to show it off. 
Troy is going to love it more than anyone. 
He has a Flames room people, a whole room of Flames stuff!
Thank you SO much Jenn. It's perfect!

Ok you can open your eyes now Krink.
Happy Halloween weekend!

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Caitrin said...

Have a fabulous weekend and a wonderful Halloween! Love all the festive pictures!

Ashley said...

I am your newest follower! I live in Canada as well! I haven't found too many Canucks around the blogging world lately! I look forward yo learning more about you!! Have a great weekend!! PS your puppt is ADORABLE!!

Leigh said...

I love the fingers! How did you make those?

And thanks for linking up...I promise it's a really easy project!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

You made all those last year?!! They are so freaking cute!

Thanks for the shout out! You know they won't be able to close their eyes! You should just give it to them now. That or monitor how big she's getting in case she out grows it!

Jessica said...

Your cupcakes are PERFECT!

The Southbay Newlyweds said...

very cute pictures! I'm ready for halloween!!!

btw-im hosting a on over to enter!

Kristin said...

Wow those cupcakes from last year are awesome!!