Fun Friday



I am very excited to share 2 things for Fun Friday today!

{1} Our school WON one of the $25,000 Imagination Playgrounds from Kaboom and Parent's magazine!
Thank you SO SO much to those who voted!
It was a great day yesterday. The students were so excited, the smiles on thier faces was priceless, just priceless. We had parents in tears, staff in tears, speaker phone calls placed all morning. It was fun!

I found out on Wednesday but was not allowed to share the news until yesterday. Naturally I could not keep it a secret so I told the principal Katie, Jeff, Justin, Mom and Dad. Not bad.
So Wednesday night I blew up tons of balloons, made a banner and then Justin and I came to the school after dark to decorate so once the students, staff and parents arrived they received the great news.
Katie and myself got to the school at 7:00am on Thursday so we could see everyone's faces! One of our staff members April was instrumental in this contest; she worked her butt off contacting media, friends and family to vote so we COULD NOT WAIT to tell her.

She will kill me for putting this up, but it was great. She screamed, cried, crashed into the fence. It was awesome.

We received a box of Imagination blocks from Kaboom yesterday for the students to create with and they had a blast. With these blocks we take photos with the students, send them to Kaboom and then our school will be featured in the February issue of Parents magazine.
So exciting for our little school! We had the Calgary Sun do an article and quote me without me even knowing it was going in the paper! Anyways for a small private school of 43 students with autism it is a really great thing.

{2} We received our wooden canvas in the mail that I won from Taylor's blog this summer. I LOVED how it turned out!
It was made by Modern Bird Studio. Gregg is very talented and it is so unique. Thank you again Tay!

Gregg holding his masterpiece. He used 6 colors! He normally only uses 2 but he was inspired by this photo of the one and only Cruz (taken by the talented Whit who we are seeing tomorrow morning for photos)!

In our living room. Waiting for a spot to live.

Happy Friday!

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Logan and Kiddies said...

Great job to everyone who voted!! To see any child smile I think is priceless, but to see a group of children smile, even better!!

Wow the picture of Cruz is amazing!! Beautiful!!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Wow that's awesome about the win! That photo is gorgeous too!

Leigh said...

That's so great that your school won!! I bet everyone was beyond excited!

LOVE the painting of Cruz! Hope you have a great weekend :)

Jen said...

Wow I love that painting! Great keepsake to have of Cruz; just fabulous!

woodlandsblonde said...

So glad you all won!! That's awesome!!

Cruz is soooo cute :) Since I just bought a house - I'm lookin for a pup myself :)!

Jessica said...

I'm so excited for you and your school! How awesome!

Jess said...

That is AWESOME that the school won a playground!