Fun Friday


First of all we received the BEST news from Nana's surgeon yesterday. The cancer had shrunk drastically as they had hoped with the chemo and radiation so they were able to get (for the most part) all of her cancer removed. What a relief.
We went to see her last night at the hospital and she is such a trooper. She was in very good spirits as the stoma they so graciously inserted is only temporary! Yippee.

She will be in the hospital for 5-7 days but we saw last night she is in good hands and we set her up with some rag mags to keep her busy until her TV gets hooked up today. :)

And a very heart felt thank you to the sweet Al over at Traffic Jelly for this award.

Al is an amazing blogger who has been through so much pain and heartbreak in the past 2 months it is just not right.
But she is one strong, beautiful lady and I just know she will come out on top.
She has 3 cute pups to keep her busy and is an inspirational teacher too. Thank you again.
A quote from her blog:
 "We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us"
-E.M Forester

And I am going to pass this award on to ALL my followers.
People - I have 56 followers. Whoa Nelly. (I know, some of you have like 8 bazillion but 56 is amazing to me). Justin started this blog to keep our family in the loop and I took it over in March and now it is my daily obsession. :) And I love that I have 'met' so many of you! You all inspire me, teach me something or keep me smiling. 
So there you go, you are all loverly in my mind!

Moving on -
Emerson came for a visit on Wednesday night. 
(with her parents of course, I promise I love them too!).
But I just love her and her cuddles.

Cruz was so interested (2 minutes before this Emerson was screaming - she was not into the tummy time session) so Cruz to the rescue!

"Don't worry cousin, I'm here!"

Let me tell you about our FUN weekend plans...
:::::::::::::: insert crickets chirping ::::::::::::::::::

That's right - NOTHING. We got nothing!
And I am so excited!
Obviously we'll Justin will do work on the garage, walk Cruz, visit Nana, perhaps do a little shopping.... but this girl is excited for some 1 handed cleaning the house action!

Have a fabulous weekend all!

P.S. It is snowing in Calgary thankyouverymuch!

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Rachel and John said...

I love that your brace matches your sweater.

And I couldn't believe it was snowing on my way to work!

Caitrin said...

What wonderful news about Nana!

Congrats on the award! I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend filled with just relaxing :)

Annie said...

emerson is such a doll!!
your weekend sounds like mine and i'm totally looking forward to it!! have a great one hun!! :)

Leigh said...

Such good news about your Nana :) Your niece is adorable! Hope you have a great weekend and that this snow stops soon...I don't like it!

Debby said...

How wonderful to hear the news about Rene. About last Friday's Fun Friday, it was an awesome post. You really hit things right on. I am really glad that Ryan picked #2 also because it brought new friends into our lives.

J and A said...

Thanks Debby! We do love Ryan and your family. :)

Jessica said...

Great news about Nana! Good to hear and a wonderful way for you to end your week.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Logan and Kiddies said...

Awesome news about your nana/my aunty rene!! PLease give her a hug and kiss from us!!

Had to look twice, the cast blendid right in!!

Ive told you before but i'll tell you again......its not snowing here!! in fort st john, it is blue sky, sunny and about +10!! when you coming for a visit?

have an awesome weekend!!

Paige said...

What wonderful news about your Nana!

Jen said...

Excellent news about your Nana! Emerson is SO cute; I love the pictures with her and Cruz!