Fun Friday: E & C Shower!


I had been looking forward to throwing Crystal's baby shower for months, approx 10! :)
Thankfully I am one prepared girl because this thumb business could have really thrown me for a loop but luckily, with lots of Mom, Jeff, Debbie and Justin was perfect!
The invite:

This is what our spare room looked like before the shower. 
{Thank you to my amazing hubby for putting up with all my crap!}


I made these to go on the 'Candy Bar'. They have a peppermint patty inside!

The Bell of the ball!

"Advice to Crystal" sheets.

"Emerson's Candy Bar"

Tazo Passion Tea Lemonade
Personalized Water Bottles
Raspberry Zinfandel Wine
(I put photos of Emerson, Mom & E, Dad & E and the sonogram picture on the bottles)

The eats:
Jeff came in from working on the fence and soon became The Cake Boss!
And decorated all the cupcakes!
Life saver.

Probably better than I would have done!


Ok this stuff was part of my gift.
Look how cute!

These have got to be the cutest EVER!
I wish she would never out-grow them!

Quilt I made for Emerson. And I made one for Dal too.

(Look how cute he is btw)

Super cool gift from my Mom.
Our friend from the lake custom makes them.

The loot!

The people:

Slept the entire shower!

Matches Mom!

Fun and exhausting day!
Can I just say again how I could plan, decorate and create weddings, showers and events for a living and have SO much fun!
I did have a lady at the shower ask if I would plan & decorate for a Garden Party for her!
I can always dream.

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Jen said...

Wow you really did a BEAUTIFUL job! Above and beyond! She must have been so grateful to you; what a nice shower :)

Logan & Kids said...

Wow, you truly are the worlds BEST Aunt!! I have 3 kids to back me on this one!! Ohh and Jeff wonderful job!! Maybe we should do a competion one day, just for fun of course! Alison planned my baby shower from Calgary and Im in Fort St John and it was awesome!! Thanks again!

A&J said...

Log - I would have made yours WAY better too if I didn't have to pack it from Calgary to FSJ! :) Jeff was awesome hey! :)

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Love everything thank goodness you did it all before hand! :) Love the idea of showers after the baby is here then everyone gets to meet the baby!

Leigh said...

You did such a great job on the shower! I love buying little girls clothes...they are just so cute!

Hope you have a great weekend! :)

Michelle said...

A girl after my own heart! I love how organized and how cute everything is. I wish you lived here!!!! Ha, ha. Well done. Enjoy your little one, Auntie!!! xo