As I have said before my brother Jeff is in Alaska right now trying out for the above hockey team.
They told Jeff they would put him up in a hotel in Alaska
 during camp.

Hotel in Alaska:
Just kidding.

His ride to the arena:
Ok - Just kidding again.

With all jokes aside look at these breath taking pictures I found of Alaska.
We may just have to take a trip there when the team decides that they hit the jackpot when asking Jeff to come to camp...


Last night he was in the line-up for the 1st exhibition game! Whoo hoo!
So all night I looked forward to logging on and WATCHING him on the computer at 9:15pm.

Last year we could listen but this year they have a live video feed. :)
So there I go upstairs with my blanket to curl up in the computer chair and watch and of course, I pay my $7.00 to watch and nothing.
No picture just info on plug-ins. Plug-ins?
(Luckily I could be listening to the game at this point!)

So I do what I do best these days and yell downstairs, "Justin, I need your help"....

Even my computer savy hubby couldn't figure out the problem until halfway through the second period. But eventually we did get a (very fuzzy, poor quality) picture. And there he was #44 all in his glory.

In my expert - I've been watching hockey all my life/dragged to the arena as a child/part of a hockey crazy family/I love Wayne Gretzky but Kelly Buchberger is the best NHL player around opinion - he played a great game.

Kelly thinks so too. ;)

Seemed like he had lots of ice time, he did some fancy between the legs move the announcers liked, got 2 penalties, pushed a few guys around, skated hard...
Ok now to continue my brag fest about how great he is:

For part of camp they had to do fitness testing and he ranked #1 in 4 out of the 5 tests!!!
Talk about superstar material. 

They had to do maximum sit-ups, maximum push-ups, vertical jump, a bike test and pull-ups. (The only one he was not first was pull-ups ~ who invented pull-ups anyways?!)

He said the push-ups was hard because they had to go at a pace set by a beep and on the down portion of the push-up they had to go low enough to touch the trainers fist but not low enough to actually rest so it was constant tension. Ouch!! No thanks.

Jeff worked uber hard over the summer. He would go to hot yoga, have an ice time and workout at the gym in one day! And it is all paying off!

We are so proud of you bud. Keep working your butt off.

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Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Nice work brother! That's so cool! Alaska is totally amazing you should go asap my boyfriends family is from there and we see all these beautiful photos every day!~

Leigh said...

That's so cool for your brother! Hopefully he does well in the camp, and they pick him up!

Logan and kiddies said...

Awesome Jeff!! That would be so cool then you and Justin could do a road trip in Northern BC/Yukon and of course Alaska! Stopping here of course and my mom and dad in the Yukon. We miss you!!!

Joanna B. @ Newlywed Tales said...

Cute blog!!

Annie said...

how awesome!!! best of luck to your brother!
my hubby used to play hockey in canada! ;)