Thumb Conundrum!


Alright so Saturday started out to be a great day. Mom and I spent most of the day with my little Emerson and Crystal while the boys froze their butts off working on the garage.

Jeff's first visit with Emerson:

 Milk drunk!

Asleep on me! Love her!

 Thank you to Justin, Dad, Jeff, Blake, Uncle Ken & Troy for all your hard work on the garage. It is looking great!

Okay - now I really wish I could hit rewind and not want to be so prepared BEFORE dinner that I needed to have the coffee ready to hit start after dinner, but anyways my Mom taught me well and it would have been fine if the damn Ikea canister wasn't faulty which obviously it was.
Here is the culprit:

So I grabbed it and my thumb went right through. I pulled my thumb out, saw there was a large shard of glass still in my thumb, thought oh crap and pulled it out. It gushed blood so I grabbed a paper towel and wrapped it up. Meanwhile, my Nana, Aunt and Mom were all pulling up as I was hosting dinner that night for Mom's birthday. Awesome.
Anyways all the guys are out in the back working so hard on the garage, I run out in tears, "I cut my thumb".  They all inspect it, yup you need stitches, Jeff and I are out the door.
{I love that my Mom helped me find shoes that would go with my outfit on the way out AND helped me take off my socks as  it was a pair of ballet flats we decided on, I looked down and appreciated that 2 hours later at the hospital! Thanks Ma!}

Anyways after driving around looking for a medi-clinic that was open, we found one in Crowfoot with a 3 hour wait, luckily they said my wait would only be an hour. I had a sneaking suspicion that something else was wrong with my thumb as it was numb and had a burning feeling going on, but it wasn't until the medi-clinic Dr asked me to move my thumb over to my pinky or to bend my thumb down that I realized it was more. As hard as I tried to move my thumb that baby would not go! But I am hosting dinner at my house tonight I tried to explain, can't you fix it? Can't it wait? Nope. So off to the hospital we go.

Luckily we moved through Emergency really fast as the medi-clinic sent over a fax saying I was coming and needed to see a surgeon to repair my severed tendons. So we got a bed within half an hour of arriving, perfect. 
Except within a minute of the ER Dr walking in to my room I thought I was going to throw up and faint. So the Dr. walks over, no hi my name is Dr so and so, he just grabs my thumb (yup the one that has stopped bleeding and that has been nice and peaceful for the last hour) and decides to yank it open as far as it will go. 
{Insert me scream, start to cry and look to my brother hoping he'll jump in and drop kick the guy.} 
Then the Dr proceeds to make me push my thumb against him while he pulls it open it and vice versa. It was a-w-f-u-l. Luckily they then laid me back, froze my thumb up (which also hurt like a{insert swear word of your choice}) and then proceeded to explore it. 
Jeff was like a Cruz in a mud puddle when they let him watch them poking around, pulling out glass and dissecting my thumb. All that only to discover the Dr couldn't find both ends of my tendon and I would need to see a plastic surgeon the next day! Urg. So after a few stitches to close it up, a slight gag at the sight of the pool of blood on the floor, we were out of there by 9:30pm. And my amazing family had made the dinner I had prepped and planned and we ate as soon as we walked in the door (and after Dad poured me a delicious glass of wine!) And thank you Jeff for holding my hand while they tortured me and for all your driving!

 This was pre-surgery:

So surgery was scheduled for 12:30pm on Sunday. I got a call from the surgeon early that morning (while I was drinking my Starbucks from Blake & Justin) not to eat or drink anything as they may need to put me right out for the procedure. Fine. Mom took me and once we got there he wanted to try and do it by just freezing my hand and wrist but could only be working on me for an hour as he had to put a tourniquet on my arm to cut off the blood flow and this could only be on for 1 hour. He had it all drawn out on my hand where he would have to cut and possibly my wrist if the tendon snapped back that far. 

Luckily he didn't have to cut my wrist! whoo hoo! He found the tricky end right near my wrist but was able to reach it from the cut made on my thumb. This was great news: 1 because I wouldn't have to get put under to continue surgery and 2 because that would have meant more rehab for my wrist! 
While he was doing surgery I was able to look over and see what he was doing. He was great about telling me what was going on and what I was seeing. It's no wonder I have been in such pain the last two days - they basically butterflied my thumb open so wide it covered my hand and then he stitched it back up!
And now the fun begins. I wear this splint (that I hate and that is killing my swollen thumb, grrr) for 3 weeks until I get a custom fit one made that I will wear for another 3-4 weeks. Plus I have to see a hand therapist and do physio for 6-8 weeks! Yes, all for a thumb!
The last 2 days have been awful. No sleep, lots of pain, nauseous from T3's, the works but I have a great family. Lots of phone calls & emails, Mom made us dinner last night, Crystal dropped off her awesome cherry pit ice packs, Jeff came with a crystal light Slurpee and walked Cruz yesterday...Justin has been doing all my jobs at home along with new duties that he'll learn to love, like putting my hair in a ponytail, putting a bag over my hand for showers, helping me get dressed... Fun times I tell ya. I'm just mad, sad, very frustrated, bummed. It's day 3 at home and I'm annoyed. I keep telling Justin to stop stealing my sleep because I cannot get any and the man can sleep on a dime. Pour guy I know I have been waking him up 10 times a night I am sure. Anyways enough pity pity from this girl.

Anyhow -

Close your eyes if you don't like gross. 
My Mom already emailed these to my Gran & Grampa & Chris so I figure if they have already seen them I can post them! Eww.

This what Cruz thinks of the past 3 days!

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Carolyn @ life, love & puppy prints said...

OK - you poor girl!!! That sounds sooo painful!! UGH! I was cringing as you were describing what was happening! Here's hoping for a speedy recovery!! The garage is looking great! As always, Cruz is adorable! :)

Annie said...

OUCH!!!! that looks and sounds so painful!! :( i hope you are healed up quick, 6 weeks is a lot of down time :(
cruz and baby e are way too cute!!

Leigh said...

Oh my goodness, I get queasy from just looking at those pictures! I don't know how you manage to do it. Hopefully it heals quickly!

Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

O-M-G I can't believe that! I literally was jumping around in my seat reading about the tendons etc. WOW I can't believe all that happened from that small section of glass breaking, but then again your hand was right up on it. Good job for trying to get it all prepared before hand I'm like that too.

I'm just impressed you TYPED this whole thing! Did you use one hand? Lol..

Hope you feel better and can sleep soon!

Cruz is hilarious.. That's what life with a lab looks like.. Our stuffed animals are banned because we're tired of picked up all the insides lol.

Hannah @ The New Black said...

EEK!! That is quite the looker! So, how long did it take you to type all this out? Or are you dictating to Hubs? ☺

Hope your thumb {and you!} are back in action soon.

J and A said...

Thanks guys. Yes I typed it all one handed. Thank goodness for spell check!

Kristin said...

OH MY!! I cant believe you had to deal with all that!! Hope you are feeling better!!