Request for wedding hair photographs


A friend of Justin's at work Kevin is getting married soon and his bride-to-be Courtney has requested pictures of my wedding day hair.
I loved it.
My cousin Amanda who is a hair dresser took on the job of my hair and make-up.
When I went to see her for my hair consultation and trial up-do I had pictures, ideas in my mind - thought I had a plan!
Well - she did what I asked and we just weren't feeling it. So being the professional that she is, she decided to try "what she had pictured for me". Needless to say it was prefect. Just what I wanted without even knowing it!
So here you go, I tried to get some from all angles. Enjoy.

I had a great time!

Best of luck Courtney & Kevin. Have fun!

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Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...


Leigh said...

Your hair was so pretty! And of course you were too :)

Ms. J said...

So beautiful! It came out perfectly!

Whitney said...

wow, it's so beautiful! your stylist did a terrific job - i've never seen a bridal style like it before.