Pout fest


this girl here, yeah the one with one good arm...yeah, she is frustrated!

today has been a rough day. i'm tired, very sore and did i mention frustrated.
i went to work from 7:15am-11am and was so ready to leave at approximately 8:36am.

my mil Debbie picked me up (oh yeah capitals are a pain while typing with 1 hand so you don't get any) from work (can't drive yet) and graciously took me grocery shopping, because that task in itself would likely kill me. then i came home to our house that is messier that it probably ever has been.
i know what you're thinking, no Cruz did not clean it while we were at work. lazy dog. anyways, with building the garage and having tools everywhere it has not been worth cleaning it. but now i have Crystal and Emerson's baby shower here on Sunday so now i am freaking out a little. i know i will have lots of help from mom and justin but i just want to be able to do it. and i can't. so i had temper tantrum.

why? because these are all the things i can't do that are/were on the list for today and this weekend:
  • take the laundry basket downstairs or fold the clothes
  • put my hair in a pony tail
  • do my bra up
  • have a shower before having someone put a bag on my hand
  • push a grocery cart
  • open a glue stick
  • pick up my niece
  • cut my food
  • vacuum
  • curl my hair
  • shave my right arm pit 
  • tie a bow on Sara's present
  • take the recycling out
  • open a glue stick
  • workout (so much for turbo-fire)
  • mow the lawn
  • finish a few shower decorations
  • make and ice cupcakes & onesie cake
  • cut up fruit
  • clean the entire house with out my arm exploding
  • decorate for the baby shower
  • ..........
 it's 2:37pm. i'm ready for happy hour. contemplating on whether i can open a bottle of wine one handed...
we are going for dinner with these fab girls and their men tonight for Sara & my birfdays so i know my day will soon get better but for right now I am a grump.

i did have a great night last night for my birthday at Mom and Dad's and was spoiled as usual. carrie underwood concert tickets(!), new hair dryer, winter coat, 20lb kettlebell, lulumemon gc, chapters gc, gran & nana cheques, wow - spoiled, thank you.
thank you all for the birthday wishes too, they brightened my day. and I am SO very thankful all the extras everyone is doing for me, all the help i am getting and i realize it could be worse and there are worse things going on in the world. but right now i am just frustrated that I can't do it. since i could last weekend. urg. but anyways, nonetheless i am excited for the shower and this weekend, the weather seems to have turned so i am so glad to see the sunshine.
i'm off to have a bath and re-do my tear stained face!
have a great Friday everyone! xo

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1 comment:

Mom said...

I remember when you were 2 years old (not 28 years old!!) and you would have a melt down like these photos!!! It will seem like an eternity BUT in time your hand will be usable again!!!! Keep your spirits up :)