My new accessory!

Accessorizing is the key to a great outfit.

Now all you ladies out there don't be too jealous of this new beauty.

I can hear the oohhhs and ahhhs from here.
I know it's hard not to be envious, with the stark white brace, the off white socking and the lucious black velcro straps, it's a work of art I know.
It's every woman's dream accessory and I am the lucky girl that gets to wear this beauty for 6+ weeks.
I will make a list of people who would like to borrow it after I am done with it but until then, it's all mine.
I am already planning all the outfits it will compliment perfectly...Creating tactics to fend off all the lusting women at the wedding reception we have on Saturday night that wish they had this sexy number to go with thier cocktail dress...the luck I have is astounding.
Who needs a Coach clutch when you have that right!

 I did meet with my new BFF yesterday, my Occupational Therapist Erin that I will be seeing 2x a week for 6+ weeks. She is the designer of the above assessory by the way, very talented gal. She taught me all the exercises I need to do (every 2 hours!) on my thumb. They almost killed me at first but now I just laugh nervously when I do them for some reason. They are painful but also just feel so wierd doing them that they make my stomach turn.

Anyways enough of that! I will share with you my necklace Cruz bought me for my birthday from Julie the Fish on Etsy. I love it!
It's my family necklace and then I can add our children's names when they come along too!
Thank you Cruzie girl.
(It only took my 87 tries to get it on!)

Happy Tuesday!

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Rachel and John said...

oh you poor girl! Does the brace fit easily under your clothes?
But that necklace is beautiful!!

Georgia said...

I am so jealous. Why cant I be lucky enough to have that gorgeous accessory. :/

Poor you :(. Still you now have an excuse to buy more clothes to "go with it"


Leigh said...

Haha I love how you described your cast. Pretty funny!

I bought a similar style from Julie for my bouquet for my wedding. Love her work!

Logan and Family said...

Thanks for the laugh!! I dont think the cast would look very good with anything I own, so no need to put me one the list!:) thanks. I love the necklace, I think I need one, it will go with the outfit Im wearing! P.S. Dal is wearing "my aunt says Im $ priceless" onesis!! I'll send a picture later today!

Mom said...

It's (the splint) a beut!!Hopefully more comfortable than the first one.

Necklace looks very cool.


Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Aw love both of the accessories.. second one not so much ha jk..

Get those exercises done! My friend had a injury like yours and he didn't and he doesn't have that great of use with this fingers because he didn't do it. That or it was a really bad injury can't remember

Kerrymarie said...

gorgeous necklace! hope you're arms not hurting too much!! x

Al said...

Sorry about the unwanted accessory, darlin, but that necklace is so beautiful!! What a great idea :)Have a good day!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

cute necklace!!!

amy (metz) walker said...

One of your accessories I'm sorry you're having to deal with...the other I LOVE. I've actually got a little something similar on it's way! Great minds!