Miscellany Monday

  1. Happy Monday. And by happy I mean tired, sore and raining. Yes I am sleepy and it's raining, that doesn't help. I just finished week 2 of TurboFire and I have some how hurt my 'behind the knee'. It has been bothering me faintly for about a week now, today the faintly has turned into people asking me why I am limping. :( 
  2. Justin, I mean WE got a new TV on Friday. Isn't it lovely! I'm not good with details for things like this. Here's my attempt at giving some details: it's black, LCD (?), 40 inch, pretty. There you have it. And of course since the old TV stand was silver, it just wouldn'd do right?!? So we found this beauty on Saturday and it looks perfect. Black also to match the TV and all of our side tables and coffee table. Happy wife = Happy life right Justin my love! :) Bonus: we used wedding gift certificates to buy it!

3. We opened Black's Pub on Saturday night! 

Remember our coasters from the pub in Whister? Well we used them and I took pictures. I swear Justin's nerdiness rubs off on me sometimes. ha ha Just kidding Justin! We had a great weekend together.

4. My brother is home! We picked him up yesterday morning! Yippee.

5. It's supposed to snow on Thursday and I am just putting this out there - IT CAN'T!
We are building our garage this coming weekend and we NEED decent weather. You hear that Mother Nature! Don't mess with our plans. please.

6.  So glad Justin got out riding with the guys yesterday. He has been needing some bike + moose mountain time.

7. Emerson came over for a visit yesterday to our house! So Cruz got some more bonding time with her which made us and Cruz SO happy. Cruz smelled her lots, gave her kisses and was much more at ease this time. And Auntie Alison loved the 2 hour cuddle. She is getting bigger but is still just so sweet. I love her to pieces.
And don't get me started on how great Crystal looks! Whoa Momma! She only need to lose 5 more pounds to be back at her pre-pregnancy weight! Flat tummy and all!
Thanks again for the visit and I am SO looking forward to our weekly lunch dates starting tomorrow! So spoiled I am!

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Rachel and John said...

I would love to meet up with the puppies if we ever get a nice day again. I think you're right and it might be May.

Your niece is super cute! I hope it doesn't snow today and you can work on your garage this weekend.

Leigh said...

Boo to the chance that it might snow this weekend! So not ready for that.

My husband just got into mountain biking. Do you ever go out with yours?