A little brag session is all I got.


I thought it was about time for a little post just to brag about how super duper our girlie Cruz is.
Lately it seems like our 16 month old puppy has decided that she is all grown up. 
As a young puppy this girl would chow down her food at rapid fire speed pace, she would hardly breath the entire time she ate and would often throw up her entire undigested meal 2 minutes after scarfing it down. Super. So we ended up feeding her all her meals out the this life saver:
They are a great dog toy (Tug-A-Jug) and Cruz quickly learned how to get her food out so it worked perfectly to slow her eating time down. 
(If you haven't seen these, basically they pull the rope and tip the jug at the same time and the food comes out, pretty impressive!)
Anyways a couple weeks ago she just wouldn't eat out of it anymore. She would take it from us but just leave it on the carpet untouched. So we decided to try feeding her out of her bowl and sure enough - she took her time, chewed her food and ate like a big dog. I'm pretty sure Justin and I stared at her as if she was speaking her first words or something but it was shocking and sure enough she has been eating like a big girl ever since! :)

And the thing we are MOST proud of is the fact that we can leave her with free range to the ENTIRE house all day while we are at work. Last year we would baby gate her in our mud room off our kitchen on the days she was alone all day and even then she would find something to destroy. Her toys, the rug(s) - yes plural. I am the dummy who puts another one down even after the ruined the first. um yeah. But slowly she grew out of the destroying stage.
So over the summer we talked about possibly putting the baby gate on the stairs so she had the main floor to be free but couldn't get upstairs. But after a few short trial runs, leaving her alone for longer and longer periods it has been almost 2 months now that she has the house to herself now without any problems (knock on wood).

I think yesterday I figured out one of her games she plays to entertain herself all day though.
When we got home from our walk after work, I came up stairs to get changed and then next thing I know I could hear her playing with the springy door stopper at the front door. I laughed and continued on, the next thing I know I hear it again but fainter. So I creep down the stairs and sure enough she has moved to a different door stopper and is just standing there, hitting it with her foot and then watching it "bow-ing". I killed myself laughing and she just bounded over to me all proud of herself. Too funny.
We love our little girl!

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Syndal said...

haha that is SO cute and funny!! I play with the door stopper with my nephew who is fascinated by it! :)

Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

Awwww that's so cute! We had to move Drake outside because he was having accidents inside but my little guy has gained his trust with us and is roaming the house free all work day! Yahh for Cruz!

That door stop thing though is soooooo cute that's adorable take a picture of her doing it!

Leslie said...

she is adorable!!!

Monique said...

Cruz is a beautiful dog!! Love the pictures :)