Garage Update!


The garage is now a garage.
All 4 walls and a roof are done.
A HUGE thank you to Justin who worked endlessly on this task.
The roof was completed with my BIL Troy's help and tons of help from my brother Jeff too.
We Justin could not have done it without you at all.

Look at that handsome worker.

Our neighbor took the 2 following pictures from his balcony! So neat.

Now from what I gather there is still A LOT on the "To Do" list.
But Justin claims he enjoys the project and is having fun with it.
So I am very appreciative of that.
Last night he was watching 'how to' videos on roofing. :)
Thank you thank you thank you.

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LindseyLove said...

How exciting!!! Our garage is full of crap. I'm working on the house so the garage must wait haha. I hope your hand feels better. I'm having a giveaway, so be sure to check it out! : )

Leigh said...

So exciting! I love having a garage! In our old place we didn't have one and now we do and it's fabulous!

So awesome that you guys have great friends and family to help you out!

Rachel and John said...

That's great! It's coming along nicely!

I need to clean out our garage so I can park in there come winter!

Logan said...

Justin, does this mean that when I come for a visit I get to park in it??:) ooh and do you think you could come build us a garage? :) What about safety when on the roof?? or is that a BC thing? or just what I need to tell the kids? It looks great!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Oh boy! Dustin just finished the 4 walls and is moving onto the roofing for our shed. He's totally not Mr. Roofer though so he's hiring someone for that. Go Justin!