Fav Fridays

This week's Favorite Friday topic is:
Piece of Jewelry You Own!

This would be easy if I could have 2 favorite! 
Clearly I am brutal at just picking 'one' of something. Anyways, 2 it is.
1. It would be this necklace Justin gave me for my 23rd birthday:
 I wear it nearly everyday.

{I am getting a new necklace for my birthday from Cruz though, so I may switch it up more often. That smart puppy ordered me a family necklace from Julie The Fish and I cannot wait to get it! That girl sure knows what I like!}

Obviously I wore it at our wedding and also gave on to all my ladies as part of their thank you gift.

2. And of course my engagement ring. 
(With a mojito of course!) 

All Justin knew I wished for in an engagement right was that I wanted a princess cut diamond turned north-south.
I was 'shocked' when he proposed in Cuba, I really did not see it coming. We didn't go look at rings together, talk about the fact that we'd probably get engaged soon...nada. Shocked.
Anyways he did an amazing job picking out the ring. I could not love it more.
We had a wedding band designed and custom made for it as the diamond is turned it made it difficult to lie nicely with other bands. 

One thing our wedding photographer didn't do was take ring pictures! What the heck! So I don't have any great pictures of it, or the two of them together.
We are going to have some family pictures done again this year with our friend Whitney so I think I may get her to make a few just for fun.

Happy Friday. I survived week one back to work.
Now to enjoy the weekend back up at the lake with the Fam and Gran is here! :)

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Jen said...

What a pretty necklace; I've always been a fan of your wedding photos!
LOVE your engagement ring; you don't see too many like that!

star said...

Your engagement ring is gorgeous, and so unique! That's too bad your photog didn't take pictures of your rings! Our photographer only took a few pictures of our rings, but I didn't like them. Have a great day!

Rebekah said...

I'm visiting from Favorite Fridays. Your ring is beautiful! I've never seen anything that it before.

Leigh said...

Love your necklace and engagement ring. It's so unique!