Thoughtless Thursdays & Great news

  • For the best news of the day! Nana met with her Chemo doctor yesterday and he has take her off chemo completely! Whoo hoo! He says that her tumor was susceptible to the chemo and he thinks that when they go into operate they will find it much smaller! :) Such amazing news. High five chemo! So today or tomorrow she will get the pic line taken out of her arm and then all she has left is 7 more radiation treatments! I cannot wait for her to start feeling better. It has been a tough road for her but I know it will all be worth it in the end. Today after I take her to radiation she wants to stop at Dairy Queen for a DQ kids day blizzard! All proceeds go to Children's hospitals!
  • Cruz is driving me crazy right now. I have gotten really good at playing tug while typing and throwing the toys non-stop.
  • I burnt rice yesterday. Really badly. Instead of turning the burner that the rice was on to low, I turned a different one on to low. Idiot I know. How, why, I don't know. Then I went outside to brush Cruz (5 steps away) and the next thing I know....burnt. And I think my pot is done. Black. Toast. :( So we didn't have wild rice for dinner yesterday. Sheer talent I tell ya.
  • But we did use these cool things for our corn (which was not good)! We had these growing up and then my MIL bought some for me. Love them.

  • We (and by we, I mean mostly Justin and any man that will help him) have started the beginning step to building our garage. A humongous thank you to Justin already for all the work he has already done out there. It doesn't look like much yet but I know if has been a ton of work. I helped out the last 2 nights out there. I'm pretty good at holding pieces of wood, pulling a chalk line - you know all the hard stuff. I am also an expert with a surveyors level. 48 hours ago I didn't even know what it was called and now - expert. Our garage pad will be level thanks to this girl here. 29.3 everywhere. Whatever that means right! Thank goodness he has my help or this thing would never get built. You are welcome honey. Poor guy already smashed his finger up with the hammer (even I know you aren't supposed to do that!) but I was on band-aid control so he didn't lose too much blood. Again thank goodness for me right! :) Here are a few pics for Pops.

  • I'm excited for my SIL Crystal, it's her last day of work tomorrow and then she is on Mat leave! :) Monday we have already planned a pedicure and dinner! I am dying to see the nursery they have almost completed too! And then the wait is on for this little person to come meet us.
  • I am also excited for Jolie who is all settled in her new apartment in Rochester and will start her career teaching high school Spanish in a couple weeks. Good work Jolie!
  • I have a lot of freckles right now. I like them, they mean summer.
  • I am hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that a hockey team in Europe picks my brother up for their team. Hopefully one of them will need a defense man and see what an awesome defensive player, leader and team mate he is. Not that I want him to leave again but this his next goal and I know it will all come together for him. Come on look at this beauty!

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Rachel and John said...

That was so many happy things in one post!

SemperWifey said...

Haha I love reading your posts! They crack me up.

krink said...

I love those corn on the cob sticks too! And I especially love that they stick together in the drawer so you don't lose any! And FYI I'm pretty excited tomorrow is my last day too! Whoot whoot!!!