Thoughtless Thursday!


  • We are having a fabulous week at the lake. Weather is great. Company is perfect. View is undescribable. We just got back from wake surfing, so fun.
  • I wish Nana & Jeff could be here at the lake this week. A big thank you to Jeff and my MIL Debbie for driving Nana to all of her treatments this week. And thank you to her nurses for taking her off Chemo for this week to give her body a little rest. We are all thinking of you Nana and are so proud of how strong you are. Love you 3. xoxo
  • I am SO so SO excited for my GF Carla who called me yesterday to let me know that her and her new hubby Jordan are expecting a little one in February. I am beyond thrilled for the 2 of them and not surprised at all!
  • Right now I am loving Diet Pink Grapfruit sparkling soda. So refreshing. Also delicious with vodka and lots of ice.
  • I will be an Aunty in 1 month (give or take). Baby Dick's due date is 1 month from today! Yippee!
  • Justin & I went for a trail run with Mom, Dad and Cruz on Tuesday. Cruz loved the mud pits!
Now on to:

Outside my window.. is the lake. Over cast a little but super hot and a bit windy.

The time is.. 4:25pm

Today I feel.. shocked that it is already Thursday. Pout.

I am thinking.. about Nana.

At the moment, I am thankful.. for the lake. I love it here.

I am going.. to go make a drink and sit on my gravity chair.

I am wearing..a bikini and a beach cover-up.

I wish.. it was Monday. Of last week.

I am reading.. A thousand Splendid Suns by the same guy that wrote The Kite Runner.

I am working on.. baby shower invites, well almost done until baby shows me it's gender! :) And we pick a date.

I am hoping.. that the weekends weather is as great as the TV told me it would be.

I am hearing.. the waves and the dogs barking 2 doors down.

Around the house..we are at the cabin. Although it is like a house, still not really. I am sitting at the lap top in a wet bikini. :)

I bet you didn't know.. it's our lake's 90th Anniversary. Yeah Seba Beach!

One of my favorite.. desserts is my MIL's frozen cheesecake. I am making it tomorrow. Maybe if you're lucky and really nice to me I'll share.

My weekend plans include.. sun tanning, enjoying the lake, playing pop5... so really NOTHING. I love that.

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Rachel and John said...

What is a gravity chair? it sounds perfect!

Barras' said...

Grapefruit Soda? Yes, please! :]

Murdock's mama said...

Oh my goodness...your weekend sound heavenly!!! I hopw you have wonderful weather!! Thanks so much for linking up...hope to see you next week! :)


krink said...

Wow please tell Carla and Jordan congrats from me! That's great news! Wow... so many babies Alison! You won't know what to do with yourself. Maybe you should just add one of your own to the mix :D

Michelle said...

Sounds like an enjoyable time! I just had to tell you that I am ALSO reading that exact book right now!!! Funny. I actually haven't read it in about a week so it's time to pick it back up.

Enjoy your holiday!!!

Anonymous said...

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