Happy Birthday to our sweet Ripken.
She is 15 years old today.
She is the sweetest dog I know.

We picked her up at a farm.
Mom was a chocolate lab.
They told us they 'thought' Dad was the black lab down the street.
Turned out to a be terrier possibly.
But she is still so cute and one of THE BEST dogs.
We love you Rippers.

This weekend at the lake it's Regatta weekend.
We pretty much wait for this weekend all year.
It was fun as a 5 year old and just as fun as a 27 year old.
Here's a run down and then I'll post pics when we aren't so busy.

5 km run (Mom was 2nd, Dad was 3rd in thier categories)
Land Races: includes running races, sack races, skipping races, Knottty Mile race, Nail hammering, baby crawl, egg and spoon race.
Parade, Mom and Dad participated they did a Bollywood dance

Sandcastle building (our family is in charge of this), tug of war, open house at the fire hall, Kan Jam tourney at our cabin, Fire works presentation.

Volleyball tourney and horseshoe tourney with Jam session.

There are many more activities but these are the ones we participate in!

Hope you are all having a good weekend!

PS. I finished my 10,000 swing challenge yesterday. In total I did 10,500 swings. Whoop whoop!

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1 comment:

Brittany said...

Aww happy birthday to her! She's getting up there :)

Congrats on finishing your swing challange!