Miscellany Monday

(one) We are almost done the garage pad to the stage that the cement guys can come pour the pad. This makes this girl very happy! Justin and I spent 2+ nights last week completing the re-bar. See these wire twisty things?

Well there are 600+ of them that we had to twist. 
I know you wish you could have helped because you're thinking it looks like a super duper fun time! Well it was. 
So fun our neighbor even come out to join us. :) Thank you Mike! Cruzie was very helpful too!
Off to finish it tonight (I can hear Justin pounding out there, I really need to get out there!)

(two) We had very raining weather at the lake. But a raining day at the lake is 10x better than a rainy day in the city!

We had a great dinner with our friends Steve & Lindsey, my brother and another couple on Saturday night. Then we played Apples to Apples and then Sociables. Yes a drinking game, took me back to when I was 18. I don't think you are supposed to drink wine while playing drinking games though right. Darn.
Anyways we had a ton of laughs.
You can tell by this picture Jeff had no fun!

(three) We now have Shaw cable box with PVR. That's a big step for us. We don't 'watch tv' we only watch certain shows which Justin downloads so this will be fun!

(four)I am very excited for Gran for come visit. And thank you Gran for being such a faithful reader of my blog. She always sends me sweet emails when she really liked a post. I love it.

(five) Jeff made it safely to NY and I am sure his GF Jolie was super excited to see him. Have a great trip bud. xo

(six) I bought Justin 4 new pairs of jeans today. 
And nothing for me. That's strength people. :)

(seven) Justin shaved his holiday handlebar mustache off last night. I love his baby soft face again.

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Mom said...

What is with the guys and their crazy faces?!?!?
Hope the cement comes on Tues/Thurs or Friday so Justin cam ride on Wed. The pier photo looks very cool.(no smoke today...but chilly)

Al said...

Thank you for such a sweet comment - it meant the world to me to see it :)