Friendly workout competition & Turbo Fire

So last night as planned I started Turbo Fire.

It was...interesting.
Lucky for Justin he was downstairs working out too while I tried this and looked like a crazy fool.
I didn't notice the "new to class" option which apparently gives you a break down of each move because Chalene went about a kazillion miles a minute and this girl was a lost mess.
I tried to follow along and make up my own fancy moves at the same time but it wasn't pretty! 
It was a lot of kick boxing and jumping, a little dance-y for me but we'll see.
I was a sweaty girl afterward but sort of felt like I just walked out of a Japanese class without knowing a word in Japanese. Then there was a 10 minute stretch class after, 10 minutes seemed long to me and boring (it was like look at your shoulder for 1 min, then at your toes for another minute, now to your other should for an hour, no thanks) so I did the 10 minute trainer Abs instead. Killer.

Yesterday I also started a "Friendly Competition" with my girlfriend Whitney and a bunch of her friends and co-workers. Each Monday night we send in our measurements & weight to Whit and she makes up this beautiful spreadsheet. Then we'll continue to do that for 8 weeks and at the end of the 8 weeks we'll see who has made the most progress. Bragging rights is the prize!
I don't weigh myself, ever, so I am not partaking in the weight loss portion, only the inches lost portion. We'll see. I also sent in my "before" shots to Whit that Justin took for me Sunday night because I think it's cool to see the before and after. I wish I took them after Insanity. Whit thought I was brave for sending in my pictures, but I think it keep me accountable and really gives me something to work towards.
We also have a 'group' on facebook where we can cheer each other on, share tips or trash talk which is right up Whit's alley! :) Just kidding Whit!

Anyways I am off for Day 2 of Turbo Fire, hopefully better than yesterday!
Then we are going to see Emerson again. Yippeee! I can't wait for a cuddle.
Except this time they have asked Cruzie to stay home. :( I guess Emerson was sneezing a bit and the nurse thinks it may have been because a dog was around. Hopefully this won't last long because Cruz is our baby! :( Thank you to my Mom for taking her today so she isn't alone! 

ALSO! Gran comes tomorrow!!!! :) Love her visits.

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Erica said...

I love that you are always trying out new stuff for excercise. I am always doing the same things each week. I love me some routine I guess you could say, plus with two kids it is a bit easier for me to hit the gym.

I have a feeling you will be the one with the bragging rights at the end of the 8 weeks! Good luck, not like you'll need it or anything :)

amy (metz) walker said...

I laughed at your comment about the dance-y, fancy moves thing...I've done that to myself a couple times.

SO glad you commented on my blog! You and your husband seem so much like DW and I...can't wait to read more!