Favorite Fridays


This week's Favorite Friday topic is:
Way to De-Stress!

This was a tough one for me because I don't do a certain thing to de-stress nor do I always realize when I am stressed (which isn't a good thing probably I know). 
But I do know:
I always feel better after a hard workout. I can have a really tough day at work (or just a normal day like yesterday or the day before) and not feel like working out but always feel so much more refreshed, energized and happy once I have pushed myself to do it. Likes yesterday, I was just really tired but somehow got my butt downstairs and felt so much better after this kicked my behind. He's no Jillian but I'll take Bob Harper on an off day anytime.

Taking Cruz for a walk or run. The fresh air helps and I know she loves it.
Plus a puppy cuddle never hurts.

I listen to some music that I can sing my heart out to. Thank you Taylor.

Lastly, the lake. I feel like as soon as we pull onto the beach road my body just relaxes.

Add one of these into the mix. Golden.

Stress who?
Have a good weekend! Rain please scram!

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Rachel and John said...

I wish I loved working out as much as you do!! I feel the same way about my cottage. As soon we pull off the main highway onto the local road I already feel better.

Jen said...

Ahhh Minus the workouts I love all of yours haha!! :)
Puppy love is the BEST!

krink said...

Mmmm... Bob... not bad to look at either. Though I wouldn't have really thought so except for that picture you posted. :( I miss working out to relieve my stress! But soon!!!

Ms. J said...

New follower :) I'm a newlywed with a new puppy too. I'm so obsessed with her and love that cuddle time, isn't it the sweetest?

Kristin said...

New follower :) love your blog!

Kerry said...

My blog is changing! Follow at http://livedwithlove.blogspot.com/