Emerson meets US!


 The Dick Family

On Friday night Justin, Cruz and I packed the car with dinner and welcome home gifts and headed over to meet Emerson. 
I was BEYOND excited. I know this will shock you, but she was perfect.
And she LOVED her Aunty Alison, Uncle Justin and cousin Cruz. She whispered it in my ear.
I could not do justice explaining to you how sweet she is so I will post a few million pictures for you to see for yourself.

Thank you to her Mom and Dad for letting Justin and I hold her for our entire visit. 
It meant so much to us. We love her. 
And can I just say that Crystal looks FAN-tastic for just having a baby. Wow. 

Cruz checking out her new cousin.
Not so sure at first. A little jealous. Smelled her and eventually kissed her.
They'll be best friends before we know it.

Emerson left us with this. Who knew she already had such clear thoughts. Smart baby.

And check out my pretty flowers that Justin surprised me with on Friday.
Justin is not a flower-buyer-kind-of guy so I was very happy & shocked.
He even went to the same flower shop who did our wedding flowers and asked them to use some of the flowers from my bouquet! What a guy. He's a keeper.

We enjoyed our weekend at home. We haven't had a weekend here since June!
Friday night after Emerson we caught up on our tv shows and enjoyed a bottle of wine from out trip.
Saturday we did our Starbucks stop then to off leash park trip.
Then Justin took off the braces around the garage pad, then replaced his Mom's car brakes. I worked ALL day on Emerson's baby shower invites. Saturday night we started watching Bounty Hunter but we (meaning me) could not keep my eyes open!
Sunday Justin went to work for 4 hours and my MIL Debbie and I went SHOPPING!
Oh my I could spend a lot of moula on sweet girlie baby clothes! Yikes.
We chose our favorites and I will for sure share but Crystal reads this so I can't yet but I am dying to show you the shoes I got her. Eeep. They are the best. This girl is going to be one stylish sweet pea.

Back to work today for me! I am actually looking forward to seeing my co-workers and then seeing the guys on Wednesday, they are going to love being back at school! ha.
We hope to see Emerson again soon, right now she just needs to start gaining weight, she has been losing too much the nurses are saying. :(
Happy Monday!

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Leigh said...

She's so cute! Congratulations again!

Rachel and John said...

She`s so Beautiful!!
What off leash park do you guys go to?

Erica said...

So precious!

Ms. J said...

So cute!!

Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

Too precious!

Tiffany said...

She is so precious!! Looks like an amazing weekend with your sweet Emerson! And how fun to get flowers! I love that you put the bubble by her picture that she is dreaming of a cousin. Ha!