Ants in my pants I'm gonna be an AUNT!

I cannot sit still. 
This morning at 11:09am my SIL Crystal sent me a text that sent me into a tizzy. 
It read:

"I'm in labor :) and headed to the hospital. Keep you posted." 

I was at zoo camp and could not focus on anything else.
I'm so glad I didn't lose Keenan or get eaten by the gorillas because my mind was elsewhere!

Then at 1:00pm I got this one:
"This is it! We are doing this:) Wish me luck."

And I got a phone call from my MIL Debbie telling me she'd call when she got word that Crystal was admitted and that she was heading to the hospital herself.

It is now 5:11pm and I am going crazy.
Debbie is now at the hospital too. 
Crystal and Troy have their own room and she is doing well.

Since leaving the zoo at 1:15pm Cruzie and I went for a long walk, I brought the bottles into recycling, I did JM Cardio Blast and then I wandered about not knowing what to do so I went shopping! It's what I do best. I returned 2 pairs of jeans I got for Justin, got Crystal a bunch of comfy Mom PJ's from the La Senza outlet for when she's at home with baby, looked for what I want to get Mom for her birthday and now I am at home. 
Still waiting. Doesn't baby know I am not good at waiting! Geesh!

Justin and I have a bet going.
We both think it will be a boy.
He thought 2:30pm she'd have it, I thought 4:00pm.
Perhaps we'll make this am now! :)
He thinks 5lbs 11oz, I think 7lbs 5oz.

I'm just so darn excited to meet this little person. 
See this little person. 
Spoil them, cuddle them, love them. 
Well I already love him.her without even 'knowing' them, so love them MORE! 
I can't wait!
And I am so happy he.she has decided to come early because now I have the weekend to hangout with them before work starts on Monday. 

Eeeek. Justin is going riding tonight. I don't know what I'll do. As soon as baby arrives I'll have lots to do.
Complete baby shower invites now that I'll know name and sex!
Go through the mountain of baby clothes, I mean the few girl and boy baby clothes I have bought since I didn't know the sex. ;)
Oh boy.
You'd think it was MY baby that was joining the family! 
BUT I will be a REAL Auntie for the first time and let's just remember that I was this excited the minute we found out for sure they were expecting so this was expected of me.

Oh my - this has turned out to be a novel! 
I'm signing off, for now.
Until then, I know Crystal is gonna kick this labor's butt and my niece.nephew will be here before I know it.
Wishing her as little pain as possible.
Go Crystal Go.

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LindseyLove said...

Awwww how exciting!!! I hope you win the bet ;) Keep us posted!

Syndal said...

aaah soo exciting! congratulations auntie!!