Annie Afalin

Here are some pictures of my 4 days with Logan and her kids. 
I love them to pieces. 

Logan is Super-Mom, she's got a cape hidden under her shirt for sure. She really did amaze me.
Avah is just too cute for her own good ALL the time. I have a couple videos of her that I will have to learn how to post because her little voice and all her chatter is just too much. She loves to make believe and pretend do we had a ton of adventures.
Mayela 'challenges' us at times because she knows what she wants and pretty much expects to get what she wants all the time. Nope not in this world honey. It's hard to learn that though. But she is such a smartie pants and I loved just talking with her and reading to her because she had the best questions. She is a great big sister though to Avah and Dal. I hope she learns soon that she can be a good helper and starts giving Logan less t-r-o-u-b-l-e.
Dal - well he is perfect. Just a good little man. His tear ducts haven't opened yet though and are causing his poor little eyes to be all mucusy and crusty so hopefully they open soon otherwise he has to have surgery. :(
I miss them already.

Mayela (5) with her baby brother Dal.
I got the BEST greeting from Mayela. Made me feel like 100 bucks.

My fist few minutes (Avah (2) hadn't warmed up to me yet)!

I brought lots of fun arts and crafts for the girls so we kept busy.
 While Mayela was coloring I said "Wow Mayela you are a super star at coloring" her response was "yeah and you aren't even kidding about that!"

Coloring is tiring.


No I will not let go of the baby. But yes I will color.

Don't leave me in charge if you don't want us to have fun. 
Yup washable markers turned the girls into clowns.


Story time!
I think we read this book 1,987 times. Almost.

Loved their skipping ropes, you would have thought I'd bought them a car.

Mama & Baby

Little man in his favorite position.

Bath time.

We marked the road waiting for Nana & Grandpa to arrive.

He also loved his swing.

New Teeter Totter from Nana & Grandpa.
It was great! Costco special.

Baby shower time!
I was so busy I hardly took any pictures but it was fun.
11 women and 16 children.
Slight choas but it ran amazingly well for that many kids.
Mayela decide we should call it a Baby Bath, not shower because babies don't take showers. 
So we had a Baby bath instead.
This blue punch was yummy too. A hit with the kids and ladies.

Here's the recipe:

Baby Blue Punch
2 (0.13) packages unsweetened berry blue Kool-Aid
2 cans frozen Bacardi pina colada mix
1 liter bottle Fresca
  1c. sugar (if using unsweetened Kool Aid)
4 cups cold water

Avah found the cupcakes. Approximately 4 times.

 This was the response I got whenever I asked if I could do something for her. 
The arm cross, the pout and the "No, Mommy do it". Slightly a Mama's girl.

I promised them a trip to the spray park.
We had a blast.

Nana & Mom didn't want to get wet!

Just relaxing with Aunty.
Can I puh-leeaaase take him home?!?

And maybe her too?

No I did not do my hair or make-up ALL 4 days! :)

Time to go. :( Mayela just woke up from a cat nap so she WOULD NOT get in the picture.

I don't want to leave!

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Rachel and John said...

Aw baby! I love babies! Looks like you had an awesome time!

Kerry said...

he is tooooo cute!!