Alaska will be chanting his name in no time...


We found out last night that my brother has been offered a hockey try-out in Anchorage, Alaska!
Whoop whoop!
He is super excited and we are over the moon excited for him!

PLUS they play against a team in Victoria, BC! 
That means we could get there from Calgary in 2 hours to see him play (by airplane)!
I am certain once they meet him, see him on the ice and realize what a gem he is they will be begging him to sign a contract but until then we will be rooting for him.
I know all his crazy summer ice times, bikram yoga and 3x a day workouts will pay off.
Congrats Bud! xo

On Monday night Crystal and I went for Pedicures. I am in love with my toe color right now. So much so Crystal went and ordered it for me! I will share the color when I receive it! I had 3 women compliment me on my toes yesterday at the zoo! A first!

I also finally got my hair cut and colored last night. I needed it badly but my superstar stylist was our of town for 3 weeks. I told her that was not allowed! I love it now though, she does such a great job and she is based right out of her home so that means I also get to play with her 3 year old cutie patoutie daughter too!

Nana has 3 radiation sessions left and then finito until October! :)

Tonight all of our re-bar comes for the next step in the garage! Joys! All $800 of it! Do you know what I could do with $800...grumble. BUT I cannot wait to have a roof over our cars this winter. It will be so worth all the non-existent car scraping the Black family will be doing! :)

Anyways off for another great day at the zoo with my 10 year old BFF Lily.
Have a great day!

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Kristin said...

Congrats to your brother! Exciting news! Post a pic of the pedi color :)