Vacay Part Deux

 July 7
This morning Justin fixed his shifter cable and then we headed to Mount Washington for Justin to ride again. Once we arrived, Justin jumped on the chair lift, I did my swings, went for a run and then basked in the sun and read with my fresh BC cherries from Gran. Yum. Just met me for a picnic lunch and then headed back up even though he wasn't all that happy with the conditions. They still had a ton of snow up top and many of the more advanced runs were still closed. Needless to say, it was very muddy therefore he was very muddy!
Lookin' good babe!

When Justin called it a day we headed into Courtenay so I could show him my Grampa and Chris's house. Unfortunately they were out of town while we were there but I still wanted Justin to see their cool back yard and beautiful home that they have done so much work on. And say hi to the birdies!

 From there we headed to Cathedral Grove. Gran recommended we stop here and we are so glad we did. The trees were huge and it was so fascinating. There were trees in there that were over 800 years old and the root systems on some of the trees that have fallen over were just incredible.

 That evening when we got back to Gran's, Justin BBQ'd ribs and we had yet another delish dinner.

July 8
This morning we got up early and headed out to Victoria with Gran.We stopped in Oak Bay for a coffee and snack and a nice little Italian coffee shop Gran knew of and then drove around the perimeter of the ocean. It was spectacular; the homes, the view, the heat, the company. Wow, perfect.

We made our way into downtown Victoria and did some shopping. It's what Gran and I do bet you know! :) Gran found some shoes, I found a Lululemon sports bra. We were happy and ready for lunch! We went to a fabulous Italian place that Mom and I had been to with Gran before. We all had delicious pasta dishes and Gran and I had a glass of a refreshing Gewurztraminer and Justin stuck with his local beer.

When we got home we all just relaxed because it was such a hot day! Gran has a a digital thermometer in the shade and it was registering 38C. It was hotter than hot.
We had a great salmon dinner, watched so you think you can dance and were off to bed!

July 9
We had to leave Gran's early (sob) because we had an 8:30am sailing time on the ferry and you have to get there 45min early. Once we landed back in Vancouver we were on the road to Whistler.
When we got to Whistler we took the wrong exit and ended up at the site of the Olympic ski jump and bob sled instead of in Whistler Village. It was a good thing though otherwise we would have missed these cuties and their Mom chomping away. I read in our Whistler guide that these bears eat for up to 18 hours a day during the summer months preparing themselves for winter. The 2 little cubs were just so cute. Justin wouldn't let me get out and hug them. Meanie.

We decided this was the Dad. He was up the hill further and was HUGE. He doesn't look so big in this picture but we couldn't get as close to him, but he was a big papa. I had never seen a bear in the wild before (except when I saw one while running a few years ago on the bike paths at Silver Star in Vernon, but I only allowed myself to see it for about 0.2 seconds before I started running sprinting in the other direction) SO this was very cool for me. I was on the look out for bears every where after that!

Once we arrived in the village we spent the afternoon being tourists around Whistler before our Zip-line tour. Justin was a trooper and we shopped all afternoon! It helped that every second shop was a bike shop though! He did buy me 2 new workout tops and a matching headband from Lululemon though so I was a happy girl! 
This is Justin pouting in front of the bike park, where he was jealous of all those riding and he wasn't! 

Then we met our Zipline tour. We had SO much fun on this! Justin was a little more daring than I from the get go but I surprised myself near the end. I was much more confident and even went upside down with no hands! (Justin did this on the very first zip!)

If you look very closely you can see Justin in the middle of this picture. This was the longest zip of the day, it was a 2000 foot monster zip-line that drops over 20 stories. Hello!

 It was a blast. We then had dinner at 'our' pub. 
Apparently it was built in honor of our visit. So sweet of them, they didn't have to go to such trouble

 We shared a pizza and had a few cocktails (I had a mojito and a white wine sangria! Justin stuck with beer.)
And the waitress was even sweet enough to hook us up with a huge stack of "Black's Pub" coasters so we can entertain guests at home in our very own Black's Pub. So funny.
Then I was able to convince Justin that we needed to go back and buy this uber cute rain coat we saw for our future children. It has yellow labs all over it!!! Come on! And it was 30% off! So adorable. Now we just need a 5 year old! ha ha Nothing like being prepared!
Then we headed to Pemberton to find the Lodge we were staying at. Justin was a little nervous seeing as the last place we stayed that I booked was, let's face it - crap. Have no fear! That was the only mess up of the trip, this place was bee-u-tiful. Justin could even practice his golf putting in the lobby and they had a Starbucks. Perfection.
We took advantage of the pool, hot tub and fire they had that evening. It was just at sunset. So nice.

July 10
This morning we headed back into Whistler so Justin could ride. Lucky man I tell ya! We had a yummy breakfast at the Longhorn Saloon which is right at the base of the hill, so as soon as Justin finished eating he jumped on the chair lift.
I wasted no time and started shopping! I found 2 great summer dresses at a shop called The Beach. Then decided I would sit in the sun, watch the riders (we were shocked at how many hard core women riders there were) and read. It was SO hot this day! I was able to see Justin come down a couple runs and he had an awesome day. This hill is so well used and so well maintained that all the runs are perfection. He tried out a few runs because I liked the name of them! Samurai Pizza Cat, Ho Chi Min & Karate Monkey! Who comes up with these names? Anyways Justin is definitely looking forward to going back to Whistler with his riding buddies hopefully this fall. Then we went for ICE CREAM at Cows! I had Mowie Wowie and Justin had Birthday Cake in a sprinkle cone (along with the 3 year old behind us in line)!

Then we hit the road for Kamloops. This drive was long and and the road was crazy. It was a 1 lane highway, twisting and turning at great heights but the views were stunning and the scenery different from what we'd seen so it was enjoyable. Justin decided he wouldn't want to do it again though!

We had dinner in Kamloops at Milestones (again!) and then found our B & B. Once again, I didn't let Justin down. This place was fun! As soon as we dropped our suitcases we change into our swim suits and hit the dock! 

 It didn't even dawn on me that this was a river, I am so used to the lake that when I went off the rope swing, I just went straight down and the next thing I know the current is yanking my legs from underneath me and scared the bejeezezes out of me! And when I came to the surface I was much further down the river from where I went in! I was done. Totally spooked me. Justin was much braver than I, he even did the upper swing with much prompting from other guests from the viewing dock. Oh yeah and it was freezing!
So we hit the hot tub!

View from the dock

July 11
:::Our last day::: Sigh...

After a great breakfast we were on the road home.
We stopped for ice cream at 11am (again I know) at D. Dutchman's Dairy (we stopped there on our way to Vernon too, I omitted that in my first post, I decided I would be honest with the amount of ice cream we indulged in. gulp.)
And then stopped at "The Enchanted Forest". We have driven by it many times on the way to BC but never stopped. Justin used to go there as a kid and it looks so cute from the road. Well it is that cute! It has all the nursery rhyme characters, poems and fun tree houses. It was very cool.

For Dad! Look Tigger!

Then we were hone! Awaiting the arrival of our little Cruzie girl. Dad dropped her off around 9:30pm. We could hardly wait to see her. She was excited to see but very tired from her week at the lake. 
I have loved having this week off too just to hangout with her. She is still catching up on her sleep though!
Anyways Cruz and I are off for a run! Have a great Thursday!

PS. I got Cruz's baby book in the mail! It is so great! I love it! I'll try and share it somehow...

Trip Stats
  • We saw a total of 6 bighorn sheep, 3 mountain goats, 7 elk, 15 deer, 1 large rabbit, 4 black bears
  • Traveled a total of 3,200 km (Justin drove the entire time!)
  • Had Gourmet ice cream 4 times in 11 days (none of this skinny cow or low fat stuff!)
  • We had the time of our lives!

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Erica said...

Wow! I am so jealous right now. It looks like you guys had a freakin blast! The pictures are great, wonderful memories you guys are making!

Leigh said...

Awesome pictures yet again! Looks like you guys had a great time.

The zip lining looked like a lot of fun! Was it expensive to do?

J and A said...

The zipline was so fun, it was $120 each Leigh but well worth it I'd say. :)

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Looks like so much fun and that tree is massive!

woodlandsblonde said...

That all looks AMAZING! I can't wait to have a vacation someday :)

krink said...

Great pics! I especially love the one where you're eating ice cream :D
The rope dock looks awesome... but I chuckled when I saw it and thought of you surfacing way way downstream. Looks like tons and tons of fun. Can't wait to see more pics!

Rachel and John said...

This looks like so much fun! I want to do that zip line so bad! And how beautiful! Everywhere you went was beautiful, I can't even pick my favorite!

Mom said...

I feel like I have gone on vacation with you...but somehow I missed out on all the ice-cream!!! No fair !!

Anonymous said...

Nice vacation. Hope you packed enough women's workout tops for that trip.