Top 2 Tuesday and the Zoo

This week over at Taylor's blog The Undomestic Momma her

Top 2 things you want to purchase:

1) Our forever house

Don't get me wrong, we love our current home. We have been here 3 years this past February and we are more than happy here. The only thing that is really missing is a back yard. If it had a great back yard it would be perfect. We could renovate the basement to create a spare room, kids play room and workout room BUT the back yard is the size of a small postage stamp and there is nilch we can do about it. Boo. So right now we dream and when going for bike rides around our community we point out the houses we love and what our 'forever home' will be like. Some day.

2) An Xterra for Justin

 Justin's car give us trouble too much it seems lately. It has been a great car with all the commuting he does to and from work but we are starting to think we'll need to replace it sooner than later. And it will be with a Nissan Xterra. Most likely one that is a few years old and Justin hope in White, but really anything but Black and Yellow. It will be perfect for Justin's biking, a messy Cruz and when we have a family and need more room.

This week I am at ZOO Camp with J. I have worked with her on and off since she was 3 and she is now 8. Soon she will be taller than me and by the end of the day she is quite possibly a faster walker than me. She wears me out! J has autism and a seizure disorder, loves to walk, be chased, cuddle and give sloppy hugs (she mouths her hand all day long that's why it's sloppy). We go non-stop with her so these past 2 days have been very tiring but good.
 She wears an iTouch on her wrist and has an application on it that 'speaks' for her called Proloquo2Go (she is non-verbal). I played around with it today (on the rare occasion J sat down!) and it is very neat. It can very extensive with many symbols to choose from or very basic like we have it for J. Her choices are: Eat, Drink, Toilet, Home, Yes & No. I have used it as much as I can asking her Yes/No questions and it has been helpful in a few situations. I think it is a great application with endless possibilities and can be so key in giving those without a voice choices and power. PLUS she looks cool using it instead of some of the larger devices and PECS out there!
For more info:
Finally a small rest!
 Our fav thing to do this week: RUN

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woodlandsblonde said...

That's giving her a voice :) I took sign language in high school - it's a wonderful feeling to be able to communicate with someone that can't necessarily speak. <3

Mom said...

Oh wow...I didn't know you had such an extensive library of workout DVD's!! I am definitely going to borrow one(or two) this fall. Keep up the good work look great!! XOXOXO