Thoughtless (and random) Thursday


Today was one. of. the. longest. days. ever. Wow. It was a toughy but it's done, I did it but I am spent. We have 1 more day to go. I'm going to try and make it as great as I can for J. I think I better go to bed now or maybe 10 minutes ago.

Something I have learned this week is that it is really hard to explain to 6 year old "why" J is the way she is. What does autism mean? Why can't she talk? Why does she do those 'odd' behaviors like rocking, flapping her arms or staring through people? It's hard to make simple answers to those questions simply because there aren't simple answers. I have done my best to educate them and answer all their questions but it has been challenging.
Here's a story for you though.

So Tuesday this little boy comes up to me:
Boy: I went home and told my Dad about J and he says she must be a retard.
Me: Oh well you can go home and tell your Dad that her name is J, she has autism and is not a retard.
Wednesday morning the same boy comes up to me and says:
Boy: I told my Dad what you said and he says he's sorry.
I hid behind J this morning when it was this kid's Dad dropping him instead of Mom! :) Eeek.

I just think it's SO important to talk to kids about people they may encounter who are a bit 'different' or do odd things because then when they do encounter someone like that they won't be deemed so 'different' or they won't be so shocked when a sweet girl like J is in their zoo camp.

Zoo Facts!
Our Zoo closed the 'Animals of the Night' section because the area was getting old.
So right now my sloth friend in MIA. :(
Who doesn't love sloths come on, look at that face!

BUT we are getting penguins (in 2 years!) but they are making their enclosure as my tired little fingers type this (yes even my fingers are tired). And I do love penguins!

August 20th will be a good day. This is the last day of my Nana's radiation that (in combined with the chemo bag she wears around her waist) is eating away at her cancer. 
Just like pacman. Chompin' away at it.

 She is one tough lady. And I am thankful for that.

 I am also thankful that Crystal and baby are healthy and that they have had a great pregnancy so far.
Thank you to my Mom for spoiling Cruz silly with walks & play time this week while I have been at camp!
You are simply the best.
I think that's all my brain has got today.
I still have to get my butt to the basement to workout but I'm SO not ready for that yet.
Justin went and worked on bike trails last night and is going out riding again tonight so I think Cruzie and I will curl up and watch maybe Last Song or something girly.
Good night, mean it's only 4:11pm but I can wish.

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Michelle said...

I love this post Alison. It is soooo true. Some people in this world are so ignorant and then the cycle perpetuates itself. Good for you for hopefully making a break in that cycle with that little boy. You are amazing. What you do is amazing. Sleep all you want deserve it!


woodlandsblonde said...

I think everyone in this world has something unique to offer :)

Katie said...

what a great post! i loved all parts of it! i hope you get some rest, you sound more tired than i am!!! hope you had fun snugglin' with cruzie. :)

thanks for playing!!!