I heart my family

One year ago today Cruz came to her forever home.
She went from this:

 To this and we couldn't love her more!

As promised - here are some pictures of the ever adorable:
 1 day old and all pudge!

With Biggest sister Mayela (with crazy hair!)

With Big sister Avah

This time next week that big chubby baby will be getting cuddled my myself and I may never let go!
From what I hear I will have to fight his sisters for him. Pretty sure I am stronger.

Now for a weekend recap:
It was great! The weather was perfect and we had lots of fun.
Saturday we had a great Stampede Breakfast hosted by my Aunt & Uncle.
As you can see my brother hardly likes dressing up, we really had to beg him to get into the spirit.

Then we went to the market, thrift store, museum shop and then enjoyed the sun!

We couldn't keep Troy out of the lake, Cruz was always happy to join him!

Then Jeff got us doing a fun group workout!
Us = Myself, Justin, Mom, Dad, Jolie & Jeff

 Started with a killer warm-up...

On to Kettlebell swings & Abs...

The spectators:
Debbie, Crystal (+baby) & Troy

Cruzie upset she couldn't participate:

Then out to the water for a water run!
And Crystal could join us for this!
 Lookin' hot mama!

That calls for a drink...
A mocktail that is!

Then we had a huge tournament of washer.

Cruz got a dose of her buddy Clay

And had way too much fun with her new BFF Koda

A boat ride, a delicious dinner, a game of Bocce and a bonfire to wrap up a fantastic day.

Day 2 was even better sun wise than Day 1.
The MacPhee fam (and former MacPhee myself) all went for a wake board and then we all enjoyed the water for the rest of the day.
 Cruz swam out to join Troy & Crystal.

Trying out the water craft with Jeff.

Troy keeping baby warm

Crystal and her beautiful belly

We'll miss you Jolie! 

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Kerry said...

Crystal looks amazing pregnant! SUCH a cute bump! x

Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

Aw man your brother hates dressing up I can totally tell lol. Love the kettle ball action I've been begging my gym to buy them.

krink said...

Love the pics! I need to post ours from this past weekend too! What a great weekend... and looking forwards to this coming one too! ;)