Camp fire scent is my new perfume!

We had a fantastic weekend camping. We had perfect weather and tons of fun.
We had a little trouble finding a site but eventually ended up at Two Jack Lake in Banff National Park.
We ate like kings! There is nothing like a great meal in the middle of the woods!

Corn on the cob cooked in the husks!

Crystal had finished her Smore before we could even get the camera out! I think the baby ate it.
We make our S'mores with Caramilk. So delicious but a little messy. Some may have ended up on my pants but I am not 100% sure.
Almost ready for bed.
Bed time for us girls!
Saturday we headed into Banff for a bit because it was only about 10 minutes away. 5 minutes after getting out of the car Justin stepped on the back on my sandal and snapped the strap. It does not matter that I bought those sandals 10 years ago, they are my favorites. Were my favorite because sadly they rest in the trash in Banff. BUT guess what that means? That's right! I went shopping on a camping weekend! Not many people can say they did that! :) Thank you GAP and your cute Havaiana sandals that were 30% off. Then we hit Cows for some ice cream - it was delicious (but when is it not)!? They weighed each scoop to make sure it was the right size though how weird is that!?! It was a super hot day so after a walk around Banff we also required Starbucks for a Shaken Tea Lemonade. Yummers.
So far this day was looking mighty fine: shopping, ice cream and Starbucks WHILE we are camping!
Once we got back to the camp site we walked down to Two Jack Lake. It was stunning and VERY cold.
But that didn't stop Troy, he was already under the water before the rest of us could take our clothes off!
Cruz was right behind him and in all her glory chasing sticks.
This is as far as we got, actually Crystal sat on a rock so her legs were all the way in.
Justin didn't even touch the water!
The Black Family
The Dick Family
After lunch Justin had a nap, Crystal & Troy went for a walk, I did my swings and Cruzie also napped.
She started out in the tent and then joined me outside. She is such a good camper!
The boys had double decker burgers!

And the late night snack was the usual camping delicacy: Cheese buns with PB & J for the boys made in the sandwich makers over the fire. Us girls chose to stick with the bun alone.
Cruzie in her Snuggie C & T got her for Christmas.
We did have some rather noisy neighbors that felt the need to stay up until past 4am both nights but we still had a great time and have decided that we love that camp site (hello! There is a shack with running HOT water to do dishes and flush toilets!)
I am off to Fort. St. John, BC tomorrow to spoil some cute girlies and get some major cuddles from Dal so I am very excited. I can hardly wait but I am sad to have to leave Justin and Cruzie at home but I know they will look after each other!

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woodlandsblonde said...

What a sweet puppy :) It looks beautiful!

The campfire scent seems like it never goes away!!

its simple love said...

Oh how fun! My husband and I have not been camping yet this summer. What is wrong with us? ha ha. We need to get on that and get our camp fire scent on.


Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

OMG seriously I just broke my favorite pair of flip flops too :( but at least your new ones were on sale! Yah for camping we were suppose to go last weekend but we had his mom's bday.