Wishful Wednesday!

Since I am totally new at this 'blog world' thing I decided I would play along with my blogger friend Kelsey's
Every Wednesday she posts a question and this one I knew the answer to right away, without giving it any thought! Some of you probably could have guessed it too!
Don't get me wrong I love love love my job BUT if I could do this also, I would.
'I wish' .... I had the opportunity to change careers and it would be to become a...

Wedding/Events planner!
I had SO much fun planning my wedding, if someone asked me to plan theirs tomorrow I would yes yes and yes. I had SO many ideas for my wedding that I had to cross some off my list or there would have just been too much going on! I would have so much fun being a wedding planner and making thier day as special as ours was. I am a true believer that your wedding should reflect you and I would love helping people do that and finding creative ways to make it 'theirs'! Flowers, lighting, photos, centerpieces, invitations, themes...love it all. I can dream!

Bonus: I have 2 baby showers to plan for July and Spetember so I am very excited for those! :)
One for a boy and one for a 'we don't know yet' (but will by shower time)!
I have a million post-its in my daytimer of all these ideas I have for them!

My second choice for a career change would be something in the fitness field. I wouldn't want to be a instructor but maybe a personal trainer or something along that line.

Anyways - tonight I have a date with my Lily girl so I am looking forward to that. We are walking Cruz to 3 parks (rain, rain go away), painting our toes, eating dinner at Edo and doing homework. Love that girl.

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Rachel and John said...

From the looks of your wedding you would be an awesome planner!
And sounds like you're going to have a great night tonight!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

Oh I would love to be a wedding/event planner too!!!!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I would love that too and find it so rewarding having things come together!