Weally good Movher


Happy Thursday everyone!
I have nothing exciting to say or share today other than I cannot wait for it to be Friday at around 4:30pm.
How about you?

All I can offer you today is a cute story...
As I said yesterday in my post I took the 2 guys that showed up for school to a movie in the afternoon.
I let them choose the movie together and the verdit was "Furry Vengeance". I had never heard of it but they watched the trailer and said it looked funny so great. It had Brendan Fraser (Hello Encino Man circa 1992) amd Brooke Shield. There were parts that were seriously laugh out loud funny but overall very cheesy - they both agreed, squirrels cannot hot wire SUVs.
Anyways not the point of my story...

On the way back to the school the student sitting in the front seat (the youngest in the class at 13) says to me:
(and I am not knocking his speech here at all, 'th' blends and 'r' sounds are an endless battle for us but makes it that much cuter)

B: "Mrs. Black I been finkin' you're gonna make a weally good movher someday"
Me: "Ah that's nice of you to say, thanks B"
B: "But I just fink you should get yur husband to make yur kids lunches cause you eat some wierd stuff and dats just not wight for kids"
Me: Laugh out loud (as does the student in the back seat) and I ask "What do you mean wierd stuff B?"
B: "You just don't eat what normal people do, you dwink vegetable juice, have vegetables for snack and don't even dip dem in wanch dwessing"

Don't know why he all of a sudden though of that, but point taken.
Hear that Just, you're making the lunches!

Well that sweet guy B is the ONLY one who showed up for school today! :(

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Rachel and John said...

That is so cute!!! And great that you don't have to make the lunches!

Katie said...

what a darling story! :) thanks for playing!!!

Carolyn @ life, love & puppy prints said...

So funny! I can totally see a little kid saying that! :)

Leslie said...

Just wanted to let you know I left you a little something on my blog :)