We saw a BEAR!


Just kidding. We didn't but it got your attention right!
We went on a hike though!
That's right myself, 3 students and my co-teacher headed out to the mountains for the day yesterday.
It was a great day and the guys had a blast. We went to Heart Creek which is just before Canmore.
It was a 3 km hike up and yes boys, this means 3 km back down too.

They did a great job. I was really proud of one of our guys in particular. He's not all that athletic, wasn't very confident, took a little tumble right off the get go and was ready to packer in 5 minutes into the hike but with much encouagement and some nearly piggy backs over a few creeks - he made it and he was SO proud of himself.
We rewarded them with a trip to Cochrane on our way home for ice cream at MacKay's. Yum.
This trip had nothing to do with the fact that I love ice cream. Nope.

Today we only have 2 students SO I made an executive decision: are going to a movie this afternoon.
Yes we work hard. Have I mentioned there are only 4 more day of school! :)

On to another totally unrelated topic - I have a had a lucky week! 
I was given my first award and I won a giveaway. Come to think of it, both from 2 different Katie's.
I won 2 super cute bibs from Katie's giveaway blog made by Ingrid at Sugar Snap Kids.
I got to pick the fabric on both and they are reversable! I made one girly and one boyish.
SO my future niece/nephew or my future kids will have these very cute bibs to look forward to!
For a girl who never wins, I have been a lucky girl!
Now Justin just needs to check our lottery ticket and see that we have won the Max Million and we will be golden. Get on that babe.

Lastly I am very excited for my SIL Crystal and BIL Troy, their crib they ordered FINALLY came in!
Now they get to move onto the fun stuff - painting and decorating the jungle room! :)
Lucky baby. We can't wait to meet you in 10ish weeks!

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its simple love said...

Ooooo these pictures are beautiful! And you totally tricked me on the bear thing! I was like "WHERE?!" and a scoured your photos in search of the beast. ha ha. Congrats on winning the giveaway! Isn't that just fun?


Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

Ah thank goodness you really didn't see a bear it made me remember I might come across some this weekend on our backpacking trip. Pretty pictures I'm excited for my trip now!

Ally said...

i just stumbled onto your blog and i LOVE the pictures on your header! too cute!!