Thoughtless Thursday!

Thoughtless Thursday time! My blogger friend Katie who started Thoughtless Thursday posted the cutest video of her yellow lab Koda doing the "I'm excited you're home" dance. Labs are so funny.

Well today on my way to work the morning 'gossip girl' Nashville Kat was talking about the CMT music awards last night and my ears always perk up to Taylor Swift. I love her, I know so do most 13 year old girls and boys but I do too. She is so talented, down to earth and sweet how could I not.
We saw her in concert once when she opened for Rascall Flats and she was ah-mazing, hair flipping and all (yes Justin she did do it too much but it's her thing). And yes, I do know ALL the words to ALL of her songs (except the one from the movie Valentine's Day, because I am sorry Taylor, I just don't really love it. Forgive me).
Anyways, the point of my story here is, she straightened her hair for the show last night!
I could hardly believe my ears and could not wait to sit at my computer and Google this!

I love it! I think it makes her look a lot older...

Here it is curly just to remind you:

Well I think she is stunning either way.
And heck don't get me started on her list of awards and such. For 20 years old - wowzers!

One of my guys asked me this morning what my favorite animal is,
 (he is constantly asking random questions, which I love), when I told him it was a sloth he was unsure what they were so I showed him some pictures and I found this one.
How cute!
I want one please.

Lastly, rain please vacate. I'm done with you.

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Katie said...

awww, thanks for playing friend! she DOES look gorgeous with her hair straight!!! and omg that little sloth is TOO cute!!! i'll take one too please. what on EARTH do you think our crazy labs would do with one of THOSE in the house!??! last - please send the rain my way. texas is hot as H and some rain to cool it off would be MARVELOUS!!!

Rachel and John said...

Agreed about the rain. And I also love T Swift. I went to her concert last year during stampede and it was AWESOME.

Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

I couldn't believe my eyes when you said she straightened her hair!?!? I've never seen her with straight hair. I like curly better but she does totally look older. The slot is so cute.. But my lab would totally not be okay either with them in the house.

Mariel Torres said...

i love taylor swift, so incredibly talented! btw, that has to be the cutest baby sloth ever... i want one too!

Lindsay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
krink said...

awww... love the sloth pic. Your boys are awesome! They make my day! ;)