Thoughtless Thursday: Gramma's Spa Services


Cruz is a spoiled girl.

2 days a week I drive her up to my Mom and Dad's and she spend most of the day with Gramma.
My Mom really should be charging me because recently it seems she is running more of a spa service for Cruz than a simple dog sitting service.

One of Cruzie's days last week consisted of these services:
Morning walk with Ripken
50 minute afternoon run in the ravine with Gramma
Swim in the pond chasing ducks
Shower off with the hose
Blown dry with hair dryer
Nails painted
Ride home

What a day...sign me up!
I can see it now:
Jungle Jayne's Doggy Spa Services....
Thanks Gramma, we are so lucky to have you.

Now when I was looking for these silly pictures above I came across some RE-diculousness!
Really people, these poor doggies!


Ok this one is cute! It made me laugh.

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Katie said...

HILARIOUS! loved all the sweet doggie pics. what some people will do to their dogs!!! thanks for playing friend, cruz IS a lucky dog!!! :)

Summer said...

LOL this was so fun!! LOved the doggie pics and what some people will do wth there dogs LOL....

OMG my hubs crushes on Megan Fox too LOL


Brittany said...

Haha these pictures are hilarious!! Your pup sure does seem spoiled :-) At least she has a grandmom who loves her!!