Sunshine = Smiles!

This weekend was a blast. I love being at the lake so that always helps anyways but we had a fabulous day Saturday. The guys left around 1 for their golfing stag so Mom and I had time to get organized for the shower at 4. Thank you weather gods for the perfect day and night! We were able to have the shower outside and it was lots of fun. Great food, drinks, friends and laughs.
This is Lindsey the bride-to-be playing a silly game. I also played the bubble gum game on her. This is when I asked her fiance Steve 15 questions before the shower and she has to answer them correctly, if she doesn't she has to chew a piece of double bubble gum...needless to say she got 9 questions wrong, so 9 pieces of double bubble in her mouth! Sorry Linds!

Cruzie enjoying the shower.

The guys got back around 6:30 and we had a delish dinner, played some Kan-Jam, played the shoe game with Linds & Steve and had a bonfire. We were also entertained with a bunch of guys jamming on their guitars and everyone got into the singing. So fun.
I came in to the cabin at one point and found Justin and our cousin Clay (who adores Cruz) hanging out on the floor with her.
It was so cute!

Justin sandwich!
Justin, me, Justin.

Myself and the groom-to-be Steve goofing around!

Sunday morning we went out in the boat. Cruz seems to like boat rides!

She decided she needed to be with the rest of the group though!

Dad and Mom water skied (brrrr - way to cold for me yet!)
And then Cruzie went for a swim with Grandma.

It was a beautiful day at the lake! I should have taken this picture earlier because we had perfect blue skies all day until these clouds rolled in around the time we were leaving. But I spent most of the afternoon laying on the grass in my bikini. Finally warm enough to do that!

Just on Friday I bought this because I was SO tired of being so winter white and the sun hadn't graced us with her presence yet! So thank you sunshine for joining us this weekend! I heart you.
But this moisturizer really did the trick, I was feeling less pasty when I wore it after just 2 days!

And I will leave you with this super easy yummy recipe I made for the shower.
(thank you Nicole for this recipe)

You need:
Circle of brie
Jar of Sun-dried tomatoes

All you need to do is roast the garlic in the oven.
(I put all the cloves of 1 garlic {I had 10} in tinfoil for 20 min)
Then put the brie on a oven safe plate and stab it 10x with a knife and stuff the cloves into the holes in the brie.
Drain 1/2 the oil from the sun-dried tomatoes and chop up the tomatoes.
Then pour the chopped tomatoes and oil over the brie.
Bake for 20 minutes in the oven at 350C.
Serve with cracker.
It was a hit. Enjoy.

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Rachel and John said...

Oh that recipe sounds great! We often have roasted garlic with Brie but we've never put the garlic IN the brie like that! I can't wait to try it.
I heard it's supposed to rain all week. There goes our sun. I must try that cream as I've been called vampire lately due to my pale pale skin.

Mom said...

You are going to have to move into a bigger house to accomodate all the workout equipment you are accumulating! :) I'll be checking out those abs LOL

J and A said...

I know Mom! In my 'dream house' I have a whole workout room! I am just prepping for that.