Summer wine deliciousness & SUN!


Yes that's right - we had SUN! ALL weekend! It was heaven.
We definitely took advantage of it. Some of my inside jobs did not get done but that is a-ok because my body needed some Vitamin D (and not in pill form) so she is happy!
(And I am clearly ignoring the forecast and dark clouds outside today)

This weekend:
Justin went to Golden with his riding buddies to mountain bike so he was gone all day Saturday.
So Cruzie and I went for a run by the river, I read my book on the front lawn (it's getting slightly better), Cruzie ran off chasing a rabbit and birds while we were out there so she earned a time out, I ran some errands, mowed the lawn, cleaned the house top to bottom, made a "surprise" (fill you in later), went for a walk with Cruz and then I watched "Remember Me". It was with Robert Pattinson and Emilie De Ravin.
It was really great, cried yes, but I reccommend it.
Then Justin got home (yeah!) and we watched Modern Family. We just started watching this show - SO so So funny. We love it. I think it's tied with How I met your Mother! Both are laugh out loud funny.

On Sunday morning we finally made a starbucks run together on our way to Crystal & Troy's!
Starbucks missed us!
That morning Crystal and I bottled our summer wine!
(While the boys worked hard on Crystal and Troy's fence, it's starting to look like a fence!)
We were a great team! We moved everything outside so we could enjoy the sun
(even though we sweated like pigs, we were happy sweaty pigs)!

This time we did a Gold Kiwi Pomelo Savignon Blanc.
(It even came with cool stickers for the back of the bottle - fancy sh-mancy!)
And a Raspbery White Zinfandel.
Love the pink!
MMMmmm can't wait to try these!

On our way home we stopped at a Lemonade Stand.
The kids were SO excited when we stopped and even more excited when we gave them Justin's pocket change (approx $3.67) for our two 25 cent lemonades! They were rediculously cute.
Brought me back to my Lemonade & Kool-aid stand days at the lake...
Sunday afternoon we took Cruzie for a walk and got slurpees, Justin napped, I weeded the garden and read my magazine from Crystal outside and then Justin BBQ'd ribs. Yum. He used BBQ sauce and Franks hot sauce on them. Delish. Then we watched "Shutter Island" with Leonardo DiCaprio & Mark Ruffalo.
Wierd was the first word out of my mouth when the credits started to roll. Clever movie but wierd.

Thats it for me (for now, you can't get rid of me that easy!)

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woodlandsblonde said...

Bottling your own wine sounds like fun - I'm interested in the process you all used and how you made them look so pretty!

I think I got my fair share of Vitamin D this weekend too :) Yay SUN!

Rachel and John said...

You bottle wine? How fun! I also spent as much time as possible outside this weekend and it was great! I hope we get some more sun!

J and A said...

Hey girls - yeah we buy kits from wine stores that are the grapes and juice, the fruit wines are only a 6 week process, Then you add dif things and then let it sit...and then you buy the toppers and stickers depending on the wine (my fav part!) Other than the enjoying the wine part!