Sugar Doll AWARD!

Yes - you read that correctly. ME Alison received a blogger award from the uber sweet Katie over at 
This is Katie. I could hardly believe my eyes when I read it! I see all these blog awards floating around blog world but never thought I would receive one! Whoop whoop!

This award comes with the following rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
2. Share ten things about yourself
3. Pass the award along to 10 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!
4. Contact the bloggers and let them know you've picked them for the award.

SO obviously a humongous thank you to the beautiful Katie for this award and for reading my blog.
I love Katie's blog. Full of fun pictures, fashion, book & movie reviews and lots of her natural sweetness.
I swear we'd be great real life friends! Too bad she lives in Arizona!
She also is rediculously talented and has this blog as well that you must check out : Katie's Creations.  
Thanks again friend!

Ok - now this is the tough part 10 things about me... tricky.
 1. I collect love teapots. I love that they are all so different. They can be all colors, shapes, they are so pretty and cute all at the same time. I can't get enough (Justin can though). 
Apparently 8 on display in the kitchen is enough.
2. I traveled to Ecuador alone for 3 weeks (supposed to be a month, I had enough). 
I volunteered in a (poorly run) orphanage in Quito and stayed with a Ecuadorian family. 
Great experience, beautiful place, I will never travel alone again.
3. I used to be a gymnast even though I am a huge chicken. I still love to watch it on TV even though it's never on in Canada. I was visiting Jeff in NY for 4 days and it was on our TV 2 of the 4 days!
4. One of my first words as a baby was '99' for Wayne Gretzky. My Dad may have brain washed me.
5. My favorite candy is sour soothers. I ate 50 a few at the wedding this weekend. I love that they are sour and sweet and when your tongue starts to burn because you've had too many - that's when I just can't stop.
6. I love the movie My Girl. I cry every time I watch it even though I have seen it probably 100 times. 
I made my guys at school watch it this year and left the room at the crying part.
7. I cannot remember a time ever fighting with my brother. I'm sure there were times he annoyed me or was on my side of the back seat but nothing ever of any substance. I heart him.
8. I really love brussel sprouts. I had them for dinner tonight because Justin wasn't home. 
Sometimes I make him corn and I have edamame and brussel sprouts. Delish.
9. I love accents. My Gran and Grampa are from England so they have British accents and I think they sound so pretty. I used to wish I had one too. 
Perhaps this is the reason I dig David Beckham, I'm certain it has nothing to do with his good looks.
10. I had 2 hedgehogs. Bosley and Sanchez. And 3 hamsters. Scooter (lasted only 3 days), Scooter and Cheeky.

Ok now my 10 peeps that I luv are....drum roll please....(this was hard for me too, I love a lot of blogs)

Could she be any sweeter? I think not!

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Rachel and John said...

I had a hedgehog! Spike. She got a hair wrapped around 1 of her legs and it had to be amputated due to loss of circulation! So she was a three legged. Then we sold her to someone else. Not because she had 3 legs, but because we weren't spending enough time with her. Thanks for the award!!!

Miss Kriss said...

Ahhhhh!!! I love accents too!! :)

And Oh wow! Thanks, girlie! You've totally made my day! Woo hooooo!!

Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

Aww thanks lady!

Alison said...

congrats on your first award! isn't it fun?

Brittany said...

Congrats!! Thanks for passing it to me :-) Cute pic too!!

Rachel and John said...

Question: you guys go camping a lot right? We want to go for the August long weekend but we're not sure where to go. There are so many options. Do you have any places you recommend? You can email me

Annie said...

YAY for the away and thank you bunches for passing it onto me you sweet girl!!
you and i share a LOVE for brussel sprouts!!!! MMMMMM, they are one of my faves...thankfully my guy likes them as well and we eat them at least once a week! :)
you had hedgehogs?!?! no way! like sonic ;) those little things are cute but i don't think i could ever touch one/ get near one i can't even hold a hamster! ha!
super cute pic of your fur baby.....they are the best :)

hope you are having a great week hun!!