Our Wedding - 339 days ago!

There is nothing on our blog about our wedding so I thought since our 1 year Anniversary is coming up at the end of the month I would do a post specifically about our wedding. Which I loved!

Our wedding was an amazing day from start to finish. I did all of the planning, organizing and doing with lots of help from my Mom, Justin and other family and friends. I had a vision in my head as to what I wanted (yes, it did change a lot over the year we were engaged) and wanted to make sure Justin had his dream wedding as well. It was perfect. I am a picky person, perhaps slightly a perfectionist and I can honestly say it was perfect.

Wedding VIP

The dress. Perfection. It was also so much fun shopping for it and having alterations done with Mom and Gran in Nanaimo, BC.

I am certain I am the only one that noticed this, but when we were going through pictures with our photographer and saw this (this = sign next to flowers fell down crooked) I was like "OMG why didn't I notice this".
Not a big deal, I know, but see slightly a perfectionist!

I loved my flowers. I wanted a lot of bright colors and a  flowy bouquet. Our florist was fab.
(we are even in the Wedding Portfolio! Who knew!)
The gloriosas were my favorite part.

The groomsmen each had a different flower from the bouquet. What handsome men we had!

My Somethings:
Old - Pearls from my Nana that she received from my Grandad on her wedding day & bows I wore on my shoes from Gran that my Mom used to wear.
New - Dress, shoes & earrings.
Borrowed - A ring from my MOH.
Blue - The crystals I added to my shoes. 

Myself and my beautiful girls getting more beautiful.
I also l-o-v-e-d my hair (thanks to my cousin Amanda)!
She also did all my girls hair and my make-up.

The guys waiting for the ceremony to start.

Ice Breakers.
My brother dancing down the aisle. Loved it. I had to peek!

When Chris called Justin Jason. SO funny.
Another aspect that made the wedding perfect was having Chris (Step-Grandma) perform our ceremony.

Jan, Rob & Jason were incredible. The minute we got engaged I knew I wanted Jan to sing at our wedding.

Loved having Lily there. 

I think this is the minute Justin relaxed....

Couldn't have asked for a better wedding party.

I had a little fun!

Justin's request for the transportation.
Hummer Limo. 

My stunning high school girls who did a fabulous toast to the bride.
Justin's Mom made my garter but we chose not to do the whole 'taking off the garter' show.
It was so pretty though, with black lace for my new last name!

Justin's school buddies looking all handsome as well.

Our first dance.
Not a typical first dance song but meaningful to us.
And who knew it was a REALLY long song until we were out there on the dance floor in the spotlight!

Dad and I.

"i gotta feeling
that tonight’s gonna be a good night
that tonight’s gonna be a good night
that tonight’s gonna be a good good night"

The reception. Incredible.
Slideshow. Awesome. Justin's brother-in-law (mine too now!) and sister put it together.
Our MC Gino. Amazing as expected.
Dinner. Delicious! Mmmm, pretty sure I almost needed to un-zip my dress to fit it all in!
Cake. No cake, we did a gelato bar with toppings instead. Yum.
Cupcakes. So cute! (and a lot of time, I know Barbie)
Specialty drink. We created it to match our aqua color. Busy night = I didn't have one! :(

Pizza at the midnight buffet. Huge hit.
DJ. Outstanding. Good Times DJ.

And how handsome was this guy...lucky me!

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Heather said...

Beautiful wedding!!!

Rachel and John said...

It looks so beautiful! I'm glad you did a post on it.I love the Divide me song, I had never heard it before.

J and A said...

Thanks Rachel and Heather! :)

Mom said...

You should have been a writer!! Love reading the posts and seeing all the photos!!

Mom said...

Great earing holder!! No more missing earings!!yahoo Some of the photos are not showing up....what the?