My new workout!


I always love a new workout. When it comes to working out I have to change it up everyday or I get bored. Lately though I have been addicted to Insanity so it has been easy for me to head downstairs for my workouts. And since the weather has been nice(ish) Cruz and I have been running 2-3 times a week so it has been great. Plus I am looking forward to starting back at hot yoga with my brother soon and a good Raise the Bar class with Mom or Crystal is also a good addition to the mix too.

A couple weeks ago I found a blog that raved about Kettlebells. I have always seen them used on The Biggest Loser and my buddy at the gym swears by them so when I saw this blog (and her abs) I was sold.

I did my research the next day to find the right kettlebell for me and ordered the DVD she recommended on her blog (The Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells DVD Volume 2 by Lauren Brooks). I bought a 15lb kettlebell to start (which I already think may be too light for some of the skills) and then patiently waited for my DVD to arrive in the mail...
By patiently I mean pouting, stomping my foot and making a grumpy face every time I check the mail and it's not there. Patience is a virtue I know, just not mine when it comes to waiting. I suck at it. I have all the patience in the world when it comes to my job and kids but line-ups and waiting, nope.

Finally yesterday, (10 days later of me "patiently" waiting) it came! 
And yes I did a little happy dance at the mailbox (and then again in the kitchen when I opened it).

I promised Cruzie a run when I got home yesterday but decided to try it out afterwards.
The Verdict:
There are 3 different workouts, plus a bonus abs workout.
I did "the grind" workout and the abs bonus. It was fun, totally different & definitely a good workout. :)
My abs and shoulders are feeling it today!
Thanks Total Lindsanity and Lauren Brooks!

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Rachel and John said...

I am so out of shape. I want to work out but I'm so lazy about it! This sounds intense, I don't know if I could handel it! I hope it doesn't bore you for a while!

Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

Ooh I just asked my gym to order kettle balls because I want to try them too!

Rachel and John said...

I bought our famil name sign off Etsy. Here is the link for the store My order with shipping to Canada was $49.00

Hannah said...

OOH! Something intense--that would be fun to try! I totally get the waiting part...ick. Not my stronghold either. ;-)

Have a great day, hun!