Kananaskis here we come!

I'm so exxciiiiited!
Justin and I are heading off after work to the Kananaskis Lodge for our anniversary weekend.
Our 1 YEAR is on Sunday. Wow. Times flies!

Can't wait to be here:
Enjoying this:
And finally going Mountain biking together this season.

We also plan on enjoying the amazing restaurants at the lodge, the indoor/outdoor whirlpool, eucalyptus steam room, sun deck and going for a run on the paths.
Ae we there yet? :)

Thank You Mom and Dad for looking after Cruzie this weekend. I miss her already!
And a huge Thank You to the Stader's for our 2 night stay at the Lodge - amazing wedding gift.

:::: ALSO :::

 I feel very special that I have received the Sugar Doll Award AGAIN this week from the very sweet Leslie over at Life in its Ordinary Form. She is a brand new blogger but already has a very fun blog.
Make sure you go check her out.
And since I just did the requirements for this award I won't so it again because I am sure you don't want to learn anymore about me this week! :) Thank you so much Leslie - you deserved this award.

Have a great weekend all! xo

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woodlandsblonde said...

Have a great time!!! Yay for anniversaries!

That place looks amazing...I think I need a vacation!

Hannah @ The New Black said...

Have a great weekend, that place looks gorgeous!

Rachel and John said...

I was just there in Jan for a work retreat! I bet it's more fun in the summer. Happy Anniversary!!

Leigh said...

Have a great weekend! And happy anniversary!

Kate said...

That place looks so amazing! Hope you guys have fun and have a wonderful anniversary!

Mrs. Love Bug ♥ said...

This looks like an amazing place to vacation!

Val said...

Really pretty place!!

Jen said...

CUTE blog! Happy Anniversary!