Finally Friday :)

Happy Friday everyone. Yeah! We are heading out to the lake after work. Cruz got a head start as I dropped her off at my Mom and Dad's on my way to work. So I am sure by the time we get there she will be a wet dog!
Our family is hosting a joint shower (guys and gals) for our friends Lindsey and Steve out there!

One of my guilty pleasures (as many of you know by now) is reality TV. Even the smutty stuff like the bachelorette, yes I love it. And I have a great hubby who will watch it all with me!
So last night Justin and I watched the first episode of Hells Kitchen with Gordon Ramsey. So far so good, yes he is mean and yells a lot on the show but I've seen him on other shows and he's really actually a nice guy. Very entertaining though.

Then we watched "Losing it With Jillian". Loved it. I may be biased because I really do have a small crush on Jillian. I have 3 of her DVDs (30 Day Shred, Banish Fat Boost Metabolism and Trouble Zones) and I adore them all because they seriously kick your butt. She also like to yell a lot but she gets the job done and gains the respect from her clients. Can't wait for the rest of the season!

Now onto 'real life'!
I planted my tulips in the fall with high hopes of these beautiful flowers surrounding my tree out front.
This what I had envisioned....

This is what lives in our yard and eats my tulips. Grrr.

So this is what I have left. That's right, I have 5 tulips. (Insert sad face here). And I have major tulip envy because there are some houses on my street that have tulips like the above picture.
Gran help! What do I do!?!
Dear Rabbits - you may be cute but stop eating my tulips, move on! Thanks.

Ok so I am sure some may disagree with me, but I've been thinking this for a while now and I think it's time that I voice it.
I am pretty sure we have the cutest dog ever.... No comment? Thought so. ;)
She is like her Dad in the sense that she loves freshly washed linens.
This is Cruz as I was changing the sheets on our bed.

And then this was her when I put my hoodie on her because it was straight out of the dryer.
This first picture is before Justin turned the flash on for me, but it is uber cute.

OMG I love her to pieces!
Lastly, Good luck to my brother and Scotty who are MCing at Scott's sister Paula's wedding this weekend.
You two are a great team when you aren't in front of a microphone so can't wait to hear how this goes!
I know you guys will be hilarious, classy and true entertainment. Have fun!
Someone better be videotaping this event!


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Katie said...

um, i SO have a girl crush on jillian too! seriously. which i think is kinda funny since she bats for the other team, if you know what i'm sayin'. LOVE her!!!

and omgoodness, next to my koda bear, i DO think you have the cutest girl ever!!! LOVE me some labs and their silly pictures they take!!!

Rachel and John said...

I also have a girl crush on Jillian. I just ordered the 30 Day Shred on Sunday and it should be waiting in my mailbox for when I get home! I can't wait!

Wild and Precious said...

love hell's kitchen... and whoa that picture of jillian is crazy! never seen her like that!