DIY Earring Holder

Well it's a beautiful day at the lake, a little windy but I am not complaining! of yesterday all my earrings used to hang in a mess on the lip of a martini glass on our dresser
(I realize I should have take a before picture but I got too excited to get this all done before we left yesterday and forgot, so just picture this in you mess of earrings)
So a couple weeks ago when I went to find a specific pair, for a specific outfit and could only find one, I got fed up and found myself on Google looking for a solution.
Low and behold I found a simple one! One that I even thought I could tackle on my own! :)

So I needed:
A large frame
Sand paper
Black spray paint
String or Wire
Staple Gun (these things are scary!)

So I found the perfect frame at the thrift store here at the lake $1.00!
Justin bought me spray paint at Rona, I'll say $5.00...
And lucky me, Dad or Justin had the rest!

All I did was sand the frame really well, spray it a couple times with spray paint, cut screen to cover the hole, then have your husband staple gun the screen and string or wire to the back of the frame and voila!

Perfect! Alison is a happy girl! Now this beautiful masterpiece lives on the wall in our walk-in closet.
My plan was to have my necklaces on here too but apparently my earrings took up too much space. 
SO my plan this today is to look for another frame and repeat these easy steps above! (although Justin says to just hang them from the bottom of the frame...we'll see)

Hava a great weekend! xo

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edk.dolce said...

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Annie said...

i have to say, first thing i clicked on your blog i totally thought you were my BESTIE!!! my bestie keeping a secret hidden blog from me ;) oh and a marriage among other things. you and my bestie look so similar. upon closer looking i obviously know you are not her but i'm totally looking forward to following your blog hun!! you are beautiful, LOVE your header photo!! :)

hope you are having a great weekend!!

Annie said...

p.s. after looking at some of your other pics i see you two don't look much alike at all, it's just that one header pic from your wedding day, you two have similar facial characteristics ;)

Erica said...

Thanks! I got the shirt last year at Old Navy when I first started showing, but it's not maternity. It was on clearance for $4!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

I love this! Ive got to try and make one!