Cutie pies and a steep climb!

 Last week my cousins oldest daughter Mayela graduated from preschool!
She sent me these pictures and they were too cute not to post! I love the grad hat!

Sweetest girls

Avah I could eat you up! You just wait for my visit in July!

Now on to our fabulous weekend.
We arrived at the Lodge around 7 Friday night, checked-in, dropped our stuff off in our room and hit the pub in our section of the lodge because we were famished.
Dinner was ok, we were only expecting pub food but it wasn't the greatest either way.
Anyways we decided to hit the outdoor hot tub for a little soak.
Funny story - so I walk into the change room and who do I practically run into... Lily!
So crazy, it is her family that gave us the GC for the lodge and they were there the same weekend!
I think she was more confused than me, she couldn't figure out why I was going swimming and she was done! Anyways we had a nice visit with her Dad and 2 older brothers in the hot tub! :)

That night Justin surprised me with my anniversary present (bad wife, I didn't bring his...oups)
The breast cancer limited edition Oakley sunglasses I wanted!
I planned on using birthday money to get these beauties in September but he is way ahead of me!
I have never owned a good, expensive pair of sunglasses. I am really good at squishing cheap one's in my purse or leaving them on the stairs and stepping on I have a lot of learnng to do.
BUT I now have a case so I feel am I ready for the responsibility of having big girl sunglasses!

(Excuse the hot tub hair!)

Look how pretty and pink!

AND he made these super cute coupons. Yes, my totally not crafty Justin went to Micheals and bought the supplies! :)
Do you love my excited face!
So now I can redeem them for:
Flowers every week for a month, A super clean car, A Romantic dinner out or that he cooks... Can't wait!

Then Saturday morning my wonderful husband thought it was a good idea to open the curtains to let the blinding sunshine in at 6am. Thank you Justin. It did give us a good start on the day though so I forgave him after I was actually awake. We had breakfast in the room as I had brought yogurt, Vector, strawberries, bananas, grapes & grapefruit.
Then we picked up our bikes and headed to the parking lot where Justin had planned to start our mountain bike ride.
This was where we started. It was a beautiful day.

Then we proceeded up the mountain.
About 10 minutes into the climb it was clear my bike was not happy. This did not make Justin happy.
It was phantom changing gears, the was chain hopping off the gears entirely and being a real pain in the patootie.
Thankfully Justin is handy and knows bikes inside & out so he was able to smash one my chain links with a rock. Fixed - for now. 
(I almost thought I was going to get out of this trip and make a day out of suntanning by the lake! No cigar!)
We continued the UP part, it was very UP and continued to go UP and UP and UP. I thought it was great at first because we were able to ride UP but soon the hill turned into what would be a VERY scary sledding hill (aka very steep) so it turned into hiking our bikes up not riding. I was told we were going UP to a lookout and the view would be worth all the pain and sweat... so we coninued UP for what seemed like hours (well it was, probably 2). I don't know how many times we'd turn a corner and the path was never ending or how many times Justin said "I'm pretty sure were almost there...".
BUT finally, we made it. And it was beautiful.

Our token foot shot!

At the top (or what I was lead to believe was the top!) we had a sandwhich and a bit of a rest and then I thought we were headed down.... isn't that what happens when you make it up to the TOP.
Yes, BUT we were not at the top yet.
(insert groan, pout and compaining from yours truly here)
And then I think my eyes almost bulged out of my head when I saw what was ahead of me.
It was insanely steep and what this picture below doesn't show is the rock cliff about 5m ahead that that we had to climb UP and then to make matters worse::::: then the guy ahead of us starts carrying his bike on his shoulders::::::
This is me saying "Are you freaking kidding me Justin!!!!"

Me being stubborn (as Justin put it) trying to push my bike up. About 0.5 seconds later I quit and waited for Justin to carry my bike up. Non sense I tell you.

This was really the top. I made sure.

Fancy pants Justin giving me a heart attack.
(Yes I walked my bike down)
And then Justin hiked back up to do this again so I could get a picture!

Me + roots = scared

Yeah! I survived. And I was very glad when it was over almost 4 hours later.
It didn't help that it was my first ride of the season and Justin's 80th so I was a little unconfident.
But he was proud of me and I didn't go over the handle bars (which I am deathly afraid of doing) so there.
We headed back to the Lodge for a much deserved ice cream (yes my manly husband got Cotton Candy flavor!), a hot tub and then a much needed nap!
Then we had a dinner reso for 7.

Do you loooove my glasses? I do! :)

Dinner was good, nothing to write home about though, I think we were expecting more. Oh well.
After dinner we didn't do much. Went for a walk, drank a nice bottle of BC red wine, watched about 3 hours of Billy the Exterminator (why I don't know), listened to a very loud wedding and then fell asleep.

Yes, we may look like ghosts but I like this one better.

Sunday morning we slept in a little, had breakfast in the room again and then decided to head back to Calgary for lunch as we hadn't been thrilled with the meals we'd had at the Lodge.
We decided we'd hit up Flight Deck in our neighborhood as we'd always wanted to eat on their patio - unfortunately we pulled up and it is no longer Flight Deck. Boo. We loved their pizza.
Anyways we went to The Cactus Club instead, sat on their patio, had a great lunch, delicious summer sangria and chatted all about our upcoming trip to BC.
That evening (while we waiting for little Cruzie to get home - we missed her!) we tried a bottle of our summer wine, kiwi pomelo yumminess), ate our personalized M&M wedding favors I kept in the freezer and watched our wedding video. It was awesome. Brought back all those memories and reminded us again what an perfect day it was.

I made this for Justin, it's a shadow box (and got him the Troy Lee Design hoodie he wanted!).
It has our wedding vows, photofetti that was on all our tables, wedding program and some of the table names.

As you can see, we had a very fun weekend just us two. xo

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woodlandsblonde said...

What a fun trip - looks like so much fun (looking back - probably a little scary at the time)!

Yum summer wine :)

I LOVE your shadow box idea! One of my best friends is having a wedding - I bet she'd love to have a memoir like that!

krink said...

Nice Sunglasses! And they're pink inside to boot! Woo Hoo! I'm jealous :)
Okay... some of those pics look like crazy scary biking! And I totally know how you feel about the roots. They bounce you every which direction, and you're trying not to ride your breaks so you don't go over your handle bars. It's stressful stuff! But I'm impressed you guys did it!
Happy Anniversary! I can't believe it's been a year already! Hopefully they are all as exciting and full of surprises as this last one!
Love you both!

Carolyn @ life, love & puppy prints said...

Looks like it was a fun weekend! I could NOT have biked up that! Great job! :)

Stephanie said...

LOVE this post! I can't BELIEVE those gorgeous photos - and I know it's always 10 times better in person. It must have been amazing =) Happy Anniversary! You are a much braver woman than I am on that mountainbike {and in waaaaaaay better shape - I couldn't do that even if I was scared silly!}

Just dropped by to say thanks for entering my giveaway and for following!!

Paige said...

I love these photos! They are so very beautiful! Happy Anniversary!