Count down to Road Trip Adventures!

I am too excited for words. Today is my last day of work before summer holidays. The life of a teacher cannot be beat! AND Justin and I leave bright and early tomorrow morning for our holiday in beautiful British Columbia! Whoot whoot!
And I am paying no attention to this cold that is attaching itself to my nose and head. Nope no attention from this girl. Come on Cold FX work your magic! :(
First off I have to share these, Mom sent them to me this morning and they made my day. Cruz loves water and when water is not accessible her love turns to mud. This is in my Mom and Dad's backyard.
Man I love her and we'll miss her while we are gone. :(

Here is a brief summary of our game plan (for Mom & Dad mostly!):

Thursday July 1 - White Water Rafting in Golden (Thank you Krink, Troy & Debbie), then driving to Vernon to stay with Justin's family (Aunty Sandy, Uncle Gary & Fam)

Friday July 2 - Justin is riding Silver Star, I will be going for a run at Silver Star then going to cousin Kirk's Lacrosse game and hanging with the kiddies! BBQ with the gang that night.

Saturday July 3 - Justin and & are going to all of our fav wineries in Kelowna plus new one's and then staying at a beautiful Bed & Breakfast.

Sunday July 4 - More wineries, driving to Vancouver. Checking out a bike shop then dinner with our friends we met in Cuba. Staying at a hotel in North Vancouver.

Monday July 5 - I am shuttling Justin as he rides a hill in North Van, catching 3:30pm ferrie to Vancouver Island to Gran's. Yippee!

Tuesday July 6 - At Gran. Justin is going to ride Mount Seymour. 

Wednesday July 7 - At Gran's. Must hit the Crow & Gate pub one of these days! And check out some local wineries.

Thursday July 8 - At Gran's. Justin wants to ride a hill in Nanaimo so I will shuttle him for a couple hours.

Friday July 9 - Catching the 8:30am ferrie from Gran's and heading to Whistler. 3 hour zip-line tour in Whistler at 3:30pm. Dinner in Whistler. Staying at the lodge in Pemberton.

Saturday July 10 - Driving to Kamloops. No plan.

Sunday July 11 - Drive Home!
The highlight of this day will be seeing Cruzie!!! And Mom and Dad who are looking after our little girl for these 11 days! I know we will miss her bunches but also know she will be having the time of her life at the lake with Gramma & Grampa. Thank you!

And lastly a huge thank you to Carolyn over at life, love & puppy prints who gave me the Sweet Blog Award!
She has a ridiculously fun blog (that I will miss while I am away), she does a fab re-cap of The Bachelorette and tons more. Check her out!
And since I am running short on time I am giving this award to all my followers! So steal this cute little bear and post it proudly on your blog because you all rock! All 25 of you! :) Thank you!

Have a great couple weeks everyone! 
We are back on the 11th but we'll try and find internet along the way to keep you all posted on us and see how you are all doing too!
Happy Canada Day tomorrow to all you Canadian's out there!

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Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

Sounds like a fun vacation you have planned!! Your pup is too cute!

Alison said...

aw, i love that you're a teacher - too cute! but i'm jealous of all your time off!

Leigh said...

Sounds like a very busy vacation that you have planned! Have fun :)

Annie said...

how fun!! you guys are going to have a blast!! take lots of pics!
your pup is adorable! love that dirty lil face pic! ;)

Erica said...

Sounds like fun! that is my kind of vacay :)

Tiffany said...

I am cracking up at Cruz!! Out of control! ha ha. Have SO much fun on your trip! I cannot wait to see pictures!

Brittany said...

Enjoy your long vacation! Your pup is just adorable :-)

Lynzy said...

just found your blog, too cute!

Come enter my giveaway!
xo Lynzy