10,000 what?!?

The ah-mazing Lindsey over at Total Lindsanity has inspired me yet again.
When I first read her post on the 10,000 Swing Challenge I thought to myself  "that girl is craaaazy"
(sorry Lindsey!) but really 10,000 swings who am I kidding!
But as Lindsey explained, the 10,000 Swing Challenge is pretty simple, it's 10,000 kettlebell swings in 30 days, which comes out to roughly 333 swings per day (which she says takes approx 15 minutes and I must add that she does 350+ each day just cause!)
Anyways I got thinking (while I was doing my kettlebell dvd)... I could probably do that.
I love a challenge and it would be something fun to do while on holidays in BC (seeing as I was planning on bringing my bell anyways) and for the rest of July...still thinking about it at this point though.

Then a couple days later Justin came down stairs while I was doing this dvd again (I really like it obviously!) and he asked if I was going to do the 10,000 Swing Challenge...this really got my brain juices thinking....
if he thinks I can do it maybe I can.

Well you heard it here first people.
I am doing the 10,000 swing challenge!
I am going to start on July 1st.

The Plan:
I can do this anywhere!
(My swings will take place in Golden, Vernon, Kelowna, Vancouver, Whistler, Pemberton, Vancouver Island, in hotel rooms, outside, at Bed & Breakfasts, at Gran's, at the lake, in Fort St. John when I visit my cousin Logan, at home, etc)

I can do any combination of swings I want!
(hand to hand swings, 2 handed swings or overhead swings)

I will be using my 15lb bell!
(much less than superstar Lindsey but that's a-ok)

I am excited! 
But hope not to get blisters or callouses though! Eeep.
I did not like those back in the gymnastic days.

I'll keep you posted how how this goes!

Also a HUGE thank you to Sarah over at Barras'  blog who also gave me the Sugar Doll Award.
Thank you so much - you make me feel so loved.
Go check out Sarah's blog if you haven't already.
She is a crazy fun blogger who is awesome at posting 1+ times a day and has 2 super duper cute pups Chewy and Gus Gus.

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Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

Okay so you really have me stoked on this kettle ball exercises I want to get one ASAP! And yes gymnastics blisters are the WORST from the bars ouch I remember mine.. PAINFUL!

Carolyn @ life, love & puppy prints said...

I want to do this!!! I have been wanting to buy a kettleball... do you love it? Is the video good? Would love advice! :)

Annie said...

i have wanted a kettle ball for SOOOO long!! i am getting one for my bday!! i don't know what weight to go with though?!
best of luck with the challenge hun!! you can do it!
rips on hands from the gymnastics bars are the flippin' worst!! i remember getting them in high school and then having a hard time doing pretty much anything ;) haha! my pain tolerance is not high.
have a great day sweets!!

woodlandsblonde said...

That sounds awesome, I definitely think you can do it!

J and A said...

Thankd for the comments ladies. I am really excited. Yes for all you wanting to get one, do it! I love it. And I recommend the video for sure but I saw a couple at Walmart too. I got a 15lb one... Justin recommended I get a pair of those workout gloves to protect my hands, may have to do that! :)

krink said...

Okay... gross AJ! What are those blisters from? You look like you burned and maimed your hand! You're CRAZY!!! ;) But if it's really good, maybe I should try it post baby. What do you think?

J and A said...

Not my hands Krink! Just a pic from google! I haven't started the 10,00 yet, July 1!

Hope Chella said...

I love the quote!!!!!!!! xx

its simple love said...

No pain no gain right? Ouch! Good for you for being dedicated! I had no idea what kettlebell swinging was before I read this post! ha ha. I am inspired.


p.s. Have you had time to enter my $50 CNS Store giveaway? Be sure to enter!

Mom said...

Aren't the photos of Cruz a riot!! She was in her glory. Thanks for the trip itinerary. I will take it to the lake and check it each day. Take care....Drive with care....Have fun....Love you both!!! XOXOXO

Hannah @ The New Black said...

How is this going for you? I plan on starting it, but have to get gloves first...I can't get icky blisters on my hands!

J and A said...

Hey Hannah - It is going good, I found it hard to do while were on holidays because we were so busy. Some days I had to do 700 swings to make up for a missed day. I did get gloves but I don't like it as much with them, I feel like I have better grip without them. So I mix it up but mostly I do without and my hands have been ok. Let me know how it goes! :)